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How to Remarket to Existing Customers: A Simple Guide

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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The key to a customer’s heart? Making sure you’re always on their mind. Well, besides offering fantastic products, impeccable customer service, and a seamless shopping experience, that is.

Now that you’re familiar with how to boost customer loyalty (if you need a refresher, check out this quick guide), we’re ready to explore how to leverage remarketing tactics to keep customers interested days, weeks, and months after their initial purchase. 

Remarketing to Existing Customers

But first, a high-level overview of remarketing: Many use the terms “remarketing” and “retargeting” interchangeably, though remarketing encompasses more than cookie-based tracking ads. Want to learn more about how remarketing works? Bookmark this handy guide.

Step-By-Step Remarketing Guide

Now that you’re familiar with everything related to remarketing, follow these steps to get started! 

  • Segment your audience (e.g., “recently purchased” or “has been inactive for 3+ months”). 

  • Determine your remarketing delivery schedule and frequency cap.

  • Set your remarketing budget. 

  • Prioritize building your first-party data — email and SMS collection forms. 

  • Create a remarketing sequence with unique copy, creative, CTAs, and offers, and remarketing formats. 

    • Triple check ad specs (e.g., banner sizes). 

    • Use “power words” wherever possible. 

    • Build any relevant landing pages.

    • Make sure to leverage any opportunities for personalization. 

    • Consider different ad types: dynamic ads, video ads, mobile app ads, social ads, etc. 

    • Consider unique creative ideas beyond ads (e.g., rather than only launching ads, consider encouraging shoppers to participate in a social media competition or visiting the resources section on your website). 

  • Sign up for AdRoll.

    • Add the AdRoll retargeting pixel to your Shopify site. 

    • Launch retargeting ads and emails that:

  • Run remarketing A/B tests.

  • Monitor and optimize your campaigns continuously. 

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