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AI-Driven Marketing Strategies: Webinar Recap and Insights

Bree Lewis

Associate Partner Marketing Manager

As we reach the later half of 2023, you’ve probably heard the word AI more times than you ever thought possible. With all the buzz, it’s easy to lose sight of why it’s so important for marketers in the first place. To be successful with AI, you need to understand the different types, use cases, and resources that exist to smoothly incorporate them into your strategies.

In our recent webinar ‘How to Amplify your Marketing With AI’, we teamed up with our partners, Treat and Aument, to discuss how AI is a game-changer for audience development, segmentation, and personalization. We also touched on how to use AI to develop engaging content, enhance performance, and save valuable time in your marketing efforts.

If you’re in need of a refresher, but don’t have time in your schedule for the full webinar, this blog is for you. Here, you'll find key tips, tools, and resources from our webinar shared by industry leaders on how to maximize AI's potential, and take your marketing to the next level.

“AI-driven marketing is set to drive 45% of the total global economy by 2030. It’s poised to do so in several ways such as data-driven product enhancements, personalized services, and influencing consumer demand.” -Sprout Social

We’re at the Beginning of a Big Wave

AI is no passing trend; it’s already transformed every aspect of the marketing journey, from generating ideas to crafting captivating content. Now, it’s possible to save time via smart automations and achieve more accurate predictions for inventory, marketing, and budgeting.  

It’s clear AI’s impact on marketing is monumental and multi-faceted, but what does AI actually mean? 

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI, the latest tech sensation, creates various content types like text, imagery, audio, and synthetic data (i.e., ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Treat). User-friendly interfaces for this tech have ignited significant interest due to their ability to create top-notch text, graphics, and videos in seconds.

What is Predictive AI?

Predictive AI, on the other hand, builds on past data to glean insights and predict future outcomes. By assigning probabilities, also known as predictive scores, to customer behavior, this type of machine learning captures metrics, data, and statistics like customer lifetime value, marketing attribution, product recommendations, and marketing campaign effectiveness.

Unleash Your Creative Power with GenAI

AI generated creative

Imagine a world where words come to life as images in seconds. That’s the reality of AI generation tools! Treat, a generative AI company, works with marketers and ecommerce brands to create high-performing, engaging ads. They've mastered the art of generative AI, transforming test images into exemplary campaigns. 

A flurry of free tools like Dolly, Mid-journey, and Stable Diffusion have emerged to turn your descriptions into captivating images. The best part? These resources are probabilistic, so they yield different outcomes each time, resulting in a thrilling slot-machine effect that's perfect for brainstorming and ideation. The only limit is your imagination! 

But how can we harness this fun and leverage its potential to achieve meaningful results? 

Knowing What You Want is Key

According to DJ Switz, Head of Sales and Customer Success at Treat, clear objectives are critical for effective generative AI (especially when it comes to creatives). With almost zero image production costs, knowing what and how to create is required to garner reliable results. 

But, the benefits go beyond just ad performance. Treat also uses actionable data (gender, location, age) combined with their creative analysis tool and they shared examples of customer results including:

  • 13% boost in click-through rate. 

  • The highest-performing static images, generated by AI, for clients over a span of two months. 

  • A remarkable 46% boost in click-through rate (well over the benchmark).

These were all made possible thanks to their generative AI audit tool. In the future, brands can access Treat’s creative audit tool to develop short form videos and landing pages to drive conversions and boost profitability. 

Streamline Marketing Assets in Minutes

AdRoll AI Product Page

Generative AI doesn’t stop with graphics; it also plays a pivotal role in email and content marketing. This frees up time spent on writing emails and helps you prioritize what matters without compromising quality. With 64% of consumers deciding to open or delete emails based on subject lines alone, AI can craft catchy and concise copy to establish a consistent brand voice. Doing this:

  • Builds trust and credibility. 

  • Leads to improved quality and perception due to a streamlined voice, tone, and structure.

  • Creates more space to focus on strategy, testing, and analysis, allowing you to work smarter, not harder!

Not sure how to get started? AdRoll now offers AI assistance in our email products, where you can enjoy:

  • Quick subject line builds.

  • Seamless brand tone and voice matching.

  • Swift delivery of subject lines consumers are sure to respond to. 

It allows you to input key details like writing style, length, and voice and then drag and drop your favorite version right into the email builder. This tool will soon be extended to our ad creatives, guaranteeing consistency throughout your entire campaign.

“75% of consumers agreed that they want to buy from brands that offer personalized digital experiences” -Yieldify

The Power of Predictive AI to Create Personalized Experiences

Aument predictive segments

In today’s world, personalization packs a punch. The majority of consumers want to buy from brands offering personalized digital experiences, making predictive AI a popular and useful tool.

Emilio Di Marco, CEO & Founder of Aument, a company using predictive AI to build dynamic content and segment audiences, knows how AI benefits brands. It takes away the guesswork and tackles challenges like lower repurchase rates due to generic email blasts, visitor anonymity, and the looming cookie-less future. When used correctly,  AI can increase average order value (AOV), raise repurchase rates, and reduce subscription churn.

Predictive AI ensures you stay top of mind with tailored offers created specifically for customers (i.e., a discount, cashback, or bundle). Thanks to its capability to deliver spot-on predictions, brands can be much more proactive in bringing consumers back with more relevance.

Aument's success with predictive AI lies in efficient segmentation and personalization. Using dynamic discounts, a tool they created, they enable personalized shopping experiences for each customer. By analyzing individual discount thresholds, they can offer the optimal discount amount which translates to saved time, money, and improved ROI.

As a result, their email flows have seen:

  • A remarkable 39% higher conversion rate.

  • A 24% incline in email revenue upside.

  • A 9% increase in AOV on repeat purchases.

Additionally, Aument uses AI to identify potential converters from specific email providers not included in any current segmentation. These targeted audiences are automatically forwarded to your email vendor, encouraging you to capitalize on underserved customer profiles and drive extra revenue. Di Marco reminds us we’re at an inflection point in the marketing world and the time to start harnessing the power of AI is now. 

AI is Inherent to Optimal Ad Performance

AI is extraordinarily powerful in advertising because it can optimize campaigns, make better use of budget, and reach the right audience with the right product at the right time.      At AdRoll, our custom built AI has been learning for over a decade, giving our customers an advantage with established credibility. With data from over 25,000 customers and billions of users, our AI enables optimal ad performance.

At the bottom line, AI is not a replacement for marketers; it’s an added superpower. It helps us take what we know and what we’re good at and amplifies our abilities. It gives us more time to focus on the big picture (and, who doesn’t love that?). With these key takeaways, and the help of Treat and Aument, you’re one step closer to transforming your marketing with AI. Doing so can help you improve as a marketer and free yourself up for more of what makes you, you.