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How AdRoll’s Powerful Tech Boosts Campaign Performance

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Being an AdRoll customer has its perks and one of those perks is that you get unparalleled access to an experienced Account Manager and our powerful technology.

Your Account Manager can save you time by helping build your strategy, launch campaigns, and prove your impact. Our technology ensures performance by helping you consistently hit your spend and performance goals.

How It Works

AdRoll uses artificial intelligence to pace and optimize your campaigns. Our technology is constantly learning about your customers and using that information to optimize your campaigns toward your performance and budget goals.

Here are a few ways our technology adjusts campaigns:

  • Budget allocation: we bid across web and social and favor higher-performing campaigns
  • Bidding techniques: we get you the right user at the right price

If our technology makes changes to your budget, those changes will be reflected in your account. As we learn which campaigns perform the best, you should expect to see a few budget changes.

Maximize Performance With AdRoll

Limit the manual changes you make to budget or performance goals. By working with your Account Manager to modify goals and budgets, you'll get the best performance possible. If you want to maximize your company's performance talk to your Account Manager to learn more or request a demo today.

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