Case Study | Industry: agency

iFocus Marketing

Our clients see site retargeting as a valuable tactic to re-engage consumers, and the inventory quality we've seen from our AdRoll campaigns is consistently higher than other providers’."

Sydney Feipel, Director of Operations, iFocus Marketing

50% Higher CTRs for iFocus Marketing

iFocus Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses. They offer brand strategy, creative development and execution, and on-going campaign tracking and optimization, promising clients an effective digital reach and strong return on ad spend (ROAS). When iFocus starting seeing their display ads running on low-quality (“junk”) websites, they knew they needed to change their strategy. Not only was it bad for their clients to be associated with these sites, but they wouldn’t attract the right target audience. As soon as iFocus partnered with AdRoll, they saw a vast improvement in the quality of websites and social media platforms running their display ads. AdRoll’s inventory was great for their clients, too, who started seeing their click-through-rate (CTR) double. Here’s how it worked:

Inventory of Top Sites and Social Networks

“Access to high quality inventory for our display ads makes it easier for our clients to reach the audience groups they want to attract.”

AdRoll campaigns run across desktop and mobile inventory on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, AppNexus, OpenX, and millions of other websites and mobile apps. AdRoll’s impressive reach to all of the top websites and social media platforms empowers iFocus to maximize the value of their campaigns, showing CTRs that are consistently close to double what they were seeing on other display providers' platforms. With access to data from over 1.2 billion digital profiles, iFocus Marketing can learn more about their clients’ shoppers, making it easier to deliver customized experiences to their target audiences.

Tangible Results to Impress Clients

“The sophisticated attribution dashboard provides a detailed analysis to share with our clients.”

AdRoll’s ad management software provides iFocus with a comprehensive attribution dashboard that helps determine the success of digital marketing campaigns. Not only can they track CTRs and tell which acquisition sources are driving conversion, but they see the entire picture of a customer’s journey. Bringing this detailed and valuable data to their clients has strengthened client relationships. Starting with just a handful of clients on the AdRoll platform, now nearly half of iFocus’s clientbase partner with AdRoll in some format.

Manage all Clients and Campaigns from One Dashboard

“Using the platform to manage our client work helps us track and scale our own growth and increase our profit margins.”

The AdRoll Growth platform makes it easy to manage clients and multichannel campaigns from one centralized dashboard. This helps agencies such as iFocus, who service multiple accounts and manage various campaigns simultaneously, to track their own bottom line and position them for growth. AdRoll empowered iFocus to grow with ROI-driven marketing by removing the guesswork, like where to reallocate ad spend and which channels perform the best.


  • CTRs up by 50%
  • Increased client-retention rates