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AdRoll’s cross-channel measurement solution lets us see how customers are moving through various channels and experiencing our brand, from the first interaction to the last. We’ve been able to really dig in and experiment with new omnichannel strategies with more confidence since we can see the actual impact different approaches have on the bottom line."

Jasper Mordeno, SEM Manager, AlgaeCal

AlgaeCal Uses AdRoll to Measure Marketing Mix Performance Accurately

AlgaeCal is a health and wellness brand that produces natural supplements that help people of all ages improve bone health. Since 2002, the company has used lithothamnion superpositum, an organic sea algae from South America, to develop calcium supplements that increase bone density and slow bone loss. AlgaeCal’s multi-nutrient approach to promoting bone health has been backed by clinical studies and bone measurements done by DEXA scans.

As AlgaeCal's SEM Lead Manager, Jasper Mordeno manages all paid search, display, and programmatic programs — from expanding the brand's reach to new channels to tracking marketing spend and optimizing digital campaign performance. One of Jasper’s core responsibilities is reporting on the efficacy of all his cross-channel campaigns and showing how marketing budget drives revenue. Capturing holistic customer journeys across channels and attributing conversion credit is no easy feat when partnering with up to 10 different vendors at any given time.Since each advertising partner is siloed, the process of validating conversion credit is an extremely tedious process. Jasper had to dive into each platform separately, export marketing performance data, and then cross-reference with Google Analytics and CRM data to get a closer representation of their marketing performance. Without the ability to centralize data in a single source of truth to measure performance and apply a unified multi-touch attribution model, the AlgaeCal team saw duplicate conversion and revenue data that didn’t match up with business revenue.

Since partnering with AdRoll, Jasper is more confident that his marketing dollars are being properly allocated to the tactics that have the most impact. He’s been able to uncover budget inefficiencies leading to better data-driven decisions. Jasper and the AlgaeCal team are now set up for success to accurately measure how campaigns are working together to drive revenue.

Uncover Budget Inefficiencies for Smarter Marketing Decisions

“As a result of AdRoll's tracking, we were able to uncover budget inefficiencies and use our insights to make better data-driven decisions.”

Measuring the impact of a single digital campaign can be challenging enough, but that's especially true when multiple channels are being used to reach new and familiar audiences. By using AdRoll's measurement tools, Jasper was able to get a better view of campaign performance, which validated that they were over-allocating budget to AlgaeCal’s loyalty campaigns. He realized that even with reduced spend, the campaigns’ performance continued to excel at the same rate as before.

With this new intel, AlgaeCal was able to scale back spend on Google Ads and Google Ads Branded campaigns and still drive conversions, which enabled them to reallocate their budget to other digital programs. This gave Jasper more creative freedom to invest in other digital channels and test campaigns that would provide the most long-term, sustainable growth. Additionally, this information painted a clearer picture of AlgaeCal’s target audience, making it easier to create scalable, bespoke customer journeys.

This shift in thinking — digging into the actual impact on the bottom line versus automatically assuming digital platform data as the source of truth — has led the team to execute a more omnichannel approach versus what they were doing previously.

Tangible Results Lead to Stakeholder Buy-In

“As marketers, we are directly responsible for proving the ROI of our programs, so the more data we have into how campaigns are performing, the better.”

Jasper found that one of the most challenging aspects of measuring performance across their marketing mix was explaining attribution and the value of impressions to the executive team. Most of them were used to the traditional method, where last-click was the only way to measure campaign success — overvaluing the last interaction before the conversion. This meant that whenever successful campaigns were run for more than three months, the team would have a hard time explaining where the traffic was coming from.

AdRoll gives Jasper the ability to use and compare different attribution models, so that he could see how they would reassign credit across conversions, revenue, ROAS, and CPA. This helps him accurately assign credit to the touchpoints influencing shoppers to buy along the customer journey. Now, the channels that are effectively introducing his brand to new audiences can receive a proportional percentage of credit for the final conversion.

These granular and valuable insights have strengthened executives’ trust in attribution — they’re now looking at applying different attribution models by campaign rather than channels.