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How to Connect Pinterest to Shopify

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

Pinterest isn’t just a platform for future brides, craft hobbyists, and home decor enthusiasts. The tech company has invested heavily in developing its ad platform and shoppable feed. The result? It has grown into one of the best channels for ecommerce brands to engage and attract 350 million-plus shoppers.

Thanks to Shopify’s partnership with Pinterest, getting started with the platform is quick and easy. And to make the process even simpler, we’re sharing all of our best tips and tricks, too.

Get Started With Pinterest for Shopify

  1. Download the Pinterest app from the Shopify App Store. 

  2. Log in or create a new Pinterest Business Account

It’s seriously that effortless. Once you’ve integrated your Pinterest account with your Shopify store, you can enjoy:

  • A Pinterest ad account that lets you quickly publish ads or promote pins. 

  • An automatically synced Shopify product catalog to Pinterest, where the platform creates and publishes Product Pins for you. 

    • Note: If the products in your Shopify Pinterest feed are missing titles, descriptions, images, prices, product types, and/or availability times, the product will not be synced. 

    • To remove particular items available on Pinterest, go to the product page on your Shopify dashboard, click on “Manage Sales Channels,” and uncheck the “Pinterest” box. 

    • Editing your product description or updating your product photos on Shopify? There’s no need to go into Pinterest to manually re-create your Product Pins — they’re re-synced and updated daily. 

  • A Pinterest tag for you to access conversion data and build richer and more accurate targeted audiences. 

  • A “Shop” tab on your Pinterest profile, so users can quickly see all your Product Pins and understand what your store offers. 

Want more tips on acing your Pinterest marketing strategy? We’ve got you covered with our guides below!

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