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Agencies: Are You Ready for the 2020 Holiday Season?

Tony Posselli

Sr. Agency Relationship Manager @ AdRoll

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Even the experts sometimes need a little help. As an Agency Relationship Manager at AdRoll, my team and I help guide agencies as they create successful digital marketing strategies on behalf of their clients. Over time, I’ve noticed that agencies are really in search of one thing — data. Whether it’s the perfect statistic to justify a new strategy to a client, or it’s campaign data to prove their results, agencies get excited about good data. Even better? When that data comes with great action items to follow. 

Below, we’ve collected a list of seven data-packed resources to help guide you and your clients through what’s bound to be an interesting holiday season (to say the least!). 

1. Seasonal Marketing Goals: September 2020 

Remember the term, “Christmas Creep”? If not, then no — this doesn’t refer to your neighbor who always over-decorates for Christmas and leaves the lights up until March. It’s a phenomenon that’s been talked about over the years as people have noticed that holiday-themed merchandise and promotions started happening earlier and earlier every year.

Partly out of necessity (most shopping will be done online) and partly because we all want something to look forward to, that phenomenon has taken a big leap forward this year. In this article, we offer some suggestions to get you and your clients started now to anticipate earlier shoppers. 🛍

2. Earlier Than Ever | Holiday 2020 by Pinterest

In the same vein as the above article, Pinterest did an analysis on search data from their platform and found that people started looking for holiday-related pins in...wait for it… April. They attribute the massive shift in customer behavior to stay-at-home orders and customers needing something to look forward to. What’s more exciting and cozy than planning the perfect holiday season?

In the study above, they provide data that will be helpful to you in presenting the idea of early holiday marketing to your customers. Their solution is to start building a brand and providing helpful content now — something your clients can start doing right now through AdRoll’s brand awareness and email capture options. 

3. Chart-of-the-Month: Add-to-Cart Users Who Are Influenced by AdRoll Are 23% More Likely to Convert

Let’s be honest  — we’re all a little more distracted these days. That includes shoppers who are looking for the perfect holiday gift or just casually scrolling through social media on their phones. This isn’t just a benign issue. Some estimates say that cart abandonment costs e-commerce brands over $18 billion a year. Just think about what it would mean to your clients for you to help them solve that problem. 

We took a look at our own data and found that shoppers who add something to a cart and are then influenced by AdRoll are 23% more likely to convert. We can help you look like the marketing hero that you are with easy access to solutions like retargeting and triggered emails to improve your customers’ holiday results and earn their business for the long haul. 🦸‍♂️

4. Design Yourself a Merry Little Holiday Marketing Campaign: A Q&A

This article was published by the AdRoll team last year, but the tips inside are as applicable as ever. In this jam-packed downloadable eBook, our team has broken down every tactic you should think of for a truly outstanding holiday season. 

We don’t have to tell you that building a pipeline from awareness to purchase and beyond takes a lot of hard work, but we hope by providing you the data and inspiration you need we can make it just a little bit easier. 

5. Tips and Tricks for 2020 Holiday Planning

This infographic gets straight to the point with monthly action items from now through the end of the year. Keep this one on hand to help plan your customers’ strategies and provide them with guidance on what will surely be a Q4 to remember. 

This is also a helpful item to send out to clients who should be thinking about the holidays but may not know where to start. The tips range from “establish shipping deadlines” to “begin CRM retargeting” so there’s something for every marketer. 

Power up your holiday marketing with the ultimate strategy guide to 2023’s busiest shopping season!

6. Yearly CPM Trends

If there’s one thing we haven’t had in 2020, it’s an idea of what’s coming next. Well, we can’t fix the global uncertainty, but we can tell you what to think about next from a digital marketing perspective. This CPM calendar provides trends we’ve noticed over the years. The most interesting piece of information we found was that, besides a small dip in March, these trends have also applied to 2020. 

7. 4 Holiday Insights for 2020 

The most important thing that the agency customers we’ve been speaking with lately have asked for are insights and specific data points to guide their client strategies. We narrowed it down to our top four most impactful data points to give you a place to start as you’re shaping the way your customers think about this holiday season. 

We know that direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands and marketers, in particular, are feeling a lot of pressure to make this holiday season big. We also know that you, as their agency partners, are probably feeling the strain as well. What we also know is that there is a lot of opportunity for the right brands to meet and exceed their holiday season goals.  With the resources above, you’ll be off to a good start.

If you want more information like this, join our free Agency Amplifier program for agencies and consultants looking to amplify their ability to serve their clients' digital marketing needs, analyze their efforts, and keep big budgets. 💰

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