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Design Yourself a Merry Little Holiday Marketing Campaign: A Q&A

Not to be the voice of doom, but the ecommerce landscape this season is expected to be pretty competitive. Companies are pulling out all the stops — from merry ads plastered across social media feeds to jaw-dropping doorbuster prices and flashy promotional emails. Plus, now that physical stores have reopened, you’re not only vying for shoppers’ attention against digital competitors, but you’re also up against malls and brick-and-mortar stores decked with holly. 

With a flurry of excitement everywhere you look, those cookie-cutter promotions for “holiday sales” or “end-of-season deals” will be as boring as a stale gingerbread man. You simply cannot differentiate your brand by playing it safe — whether that’s in terms of your creative, offerings, or overall strategy. 

Don’t freak out, though: There’s still time to figure out how you’re going to sprinkle your marketing campaigns with holiday magic. 

Feeling stuck? We’re here to help you channel your holiday spirit and finish off your year stronger than ever. Use these 15 questions to inspire festive ideas and keep you organized along the way.

Blast some holiday tunes, put on some fuzzy socks, and let’s get started:

  1. What is the overall goal of your holiday campaign? (It doesn’t have to be selling!)

  2. What is your budget for your holiday-specific campaign?

  3. Who is your target audience? New or existing customers, or both?

  4. Are there particular products you want to focus on?

  5. Do you have a holiday-specific offer?

  6. Which marketing channels would help you reach your target audience? If you’re planning on launching ads, be specific about the different types. 

  7. How long will your campaign last?

  8. Is there a social cause your brand is supporting? Are you giving back to the community in any way?

  9. What tone or feeling would be most appropriate for your campaign?

  10. What are a few holiday-specific creative ideas that would be relevant to this campaign?

  11. What are all of the assets you need to create?

  12. Are there any apps you’ll need to add to your ecommerce store to support this campaign?

  13. Are there any partners, influencers, or vendors you’ll want to connect with for this campaign?

  14. What are some ways to generate anticipation and excitement for this campaign?

  15. How are you going to measure the campaign’s success? 

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Lindsay Martinez

Lindsay Martinez

Lindsay is the Sr. Partner Marketing Manager at AdRoll. She gets a kick out of helping ecommerce brands solve both their big and not-so-big marketing challenges by sharing solutions that AdRoll and partners are cooking up. Lindsay counts herself lucky to live on the beautiful Central Coast of California with her 2 kids, 2 cats, and 1 husband.