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How AdType Expanded Its Presence to Europe & Beyond

Dr. Josh Bradley-Viso

CEO and founder of AdType

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Dr. Josh Bradley-Viso is the CEO and founder of AdType — a digital marketing agency that services clients throughout Europe. When he opened his first location in Madrid, Josh had to scale his digital capabilities to provide his demanding clients with a full suite of marketing solutions. With AdRoll filling in the blanks, he helped his clients reach new audiences, convert site visitors, and measure their results. The agency has steadily grown over the years and has expanded to London, Rome, Catania, Paris, New York and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

We sat down with Josh to hear his #DareToGrow story and to find out how he built a global digital marketing agency from scratch.

AdRoll: In your own words, what is AdType?

Josh: AdType is a digital marketing agency that helps clients across verticals engage with their target audiences, beat ROI expectations, and become marketing experts. We do this with sophisticated technology, full-funnel strategies, and comprehensive (and relevant) data.

AdRoll: Can you tell us about the early days?

Josh: My brother had the initial idea of expanding AdType from London, our original location to Madrid. I gained a wealth of industry experience during my 9+ years at Google and thought it was time to put it to real use. Even with us being a small team, it took a massive financial investment to get the agency going.

AdRoll: What were some unexpected roadblocks you encountered?

Josh: The biggest hurdle was launching and managing multichannel campaigns on a large scale. Our clients needed us to find new leads, convert them, and explain exactly why they converted—all while hitting their cost per acquisition (CPA) target. To make this happen, our team looked for a full-funnel solution that would zero in on audiences that were most likely to convert, engage them on the appropriate channels, and properly credit the most effective marketing activities.

AdRoll: How did you solve these challenges?

Josh: It started with putting together a smart acquisition strategy. We took what we knew about our clients’ target audiences and used a combination of prospecting and retargeting campaigns that worked seamlessly together to deliver positive results. Over time, we became more adept at segmenting audiences, which in turn, helped personalized customer journeys at scale. AdRoll was a big support for us. The platform has become an essential resource for our agency.

AdRoll: What tool has been the most indispensable?

Josh: It’s been the attribution dashboard. We need to be able to measure the impact of our clients’ marketing activities and credit the channels that are driving the most ROI. Each client has drastically different goals, so it‘s imperative that we can optimize for the KPIs that matter most to them. That means we need to be able to adjust how we measure and create custom reports that demonstrate the results of their campaign. Being able to give insight with complete transparency has been the reason why we've established strong bonds with our clients.

AdRoll: What does the future have in store for AdType?

Josh: We have our eyes on further global expansion. As the scope of our digital capabilities and level of expertise grows, the more it makes sense that we establish a presence in the global epicenters. We’re currently in the planning stages to expanding our presence in the US and open our next location in Singapore. After that, the sky is the limit.

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