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Transforming Black Friday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers: An Organizer Template

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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Around the same time every year, they come in frenzied droves, furiously clicking on ads, adding discounted products to their carts, and checking out — only for many to disappear into the digital void, never to be seen again. 

That’s why we’re now challenging you to make the most out of your Black Friday customers. Rather than encouraging them to only purchase your goodies during the holidays, transform them into loyal customers who return all year long.

But how? With the ecommerce landscape noisier and more competitive than ever on these key annual shopping dates, how can you capture sales and nurture loyalty? And, considering the holidays are right around the corner, can you afford to divert some of your precious time and attention away from Black Friday promotions, pricing, and inventory, even if it’s for a second? Help! 

Here’s the truth: The holidays are a tremendously stressful time for both ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers — and not just because you have to spend awkward time with distant relatives in between planning your ad campaigns. 

What are you waiting for? Explore this quick guide full of tips and tricks on how to encourage one-off holiday shoppers to come back for more. Then, use this one-and-done marketing worksheet to plan your strategy, so you can stay organized and reach your goals during the holidays and beyond.

To make this exercise as productive as possible, make sure to consider all of these different elements that are crucial to helping your Shopify store run smoothly. Then, jot down your plan — whether it’s something already available, currently in the works, or something on your to-do list — in the next column. We’ve added a few examples to help you get started.

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