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Strategies for Furniture Retailers to Streamline Online Campaigns

Kelly Hogan

Sr. Revenue Marketing Manager

Now more than ever, there are more places to be, connect, publish, engage, market, and advertise. In the world of online furniture retailing, the challenge of creating a cohesive brand experience across all of the various online platforms has become even more important. The need for consistent messaging and customer engagement across all digital platforms is clear. 

Centralized data is the key to efficient campaign management, whether you’re selling couches and sofas or bedroom sets and mattresses. If you’re setting out to centralize and streamline your multi-channel furniture marketing strategy, let’s get started. We’ll review the complexity of online marketing for furniture retailers, the significance of consistent messaging, and the role of data in your decision making.

The Complexity of Digital Campaign Integration for Online Furniture Retailers


Retail digital ad spend is on the rise, with a 14.2% growth projected for the next year. This poses the largest and most out-of-your-control challenge in the industry: competition. The more ads there are, for furniture or otherwise, the more you compete for the eyes of your prospective customers. Whether it’s on the web generally, on social media, or even via email, your audiences are being bombarded with advertising every day.

Ad fatigue is very real, and to stand out among the competition you have to adapt to each ad platform based on real results and data.

Brand bumbling and messy messaging

Of all of the challenges in the market, brand inconsistency is the most common — and the one that requires the most work before really seeing an improvement in your marketing. The good news is, it is also entirely within your control. Differences in messaging, brand story, and even between online and brick and mortar campaigns can be hurtful in unseen ways.

Tanking trust and confusing customers

When sales percentages don’t match up between online ads and checkout, when messaging communicates differences in inventory, when things just feel off, customers experience a decrease in trust with the brand. When a brand seems confused about themselves, it communicates internal messiness and disorganization to customers — and that’s not an experience most customers find trustworthy. This results in fewer conversions and poor customer experiences that may result in negative feedback or reviews.

Overcoming Challenges in the Online Furniture Space and Streamlining Your Campaigns

The significance of consistent messaging across digital channels

In the world of furniture, storytelling and visual messaging is key. Your customers want to envision your products in their home, office, or business. Consistent messaging and follow-through assures customers that they are going to get what they were advertised and creates a positive and predictable experience.

You already know that ad spend as a whole is expected to increase this year, but where are all those dollars going? Video ad spend specifically is estimated to grow by 19.5%. It’s time to lean in and leverage the power of video in the retail furniture industry. By displaying your products and sales or deals in a creative video, you can capture the attention of your prospective customers and get them excited about what you have to offer. 

The role of centralized data in marketing

All of your data is important. Knowing how your channels, customer experiences, and other factors influence your marketing and advertising efforts helps you see the bigger picture. Without the ability to holistically view your data, make decisions, test, and change your approach, you miss important and influential information that may change the way you approach your strategy.

The role of centralized data is just that: central.

Imagine: a world where you log in to one dashboard and see how all of your ads are performing across the web, social, and email. You can see how your efforts impact and influence each other across channels and ads. On top of that, you can easily share insights and reports with your peers or boss.

This is the future of advertising and data. Centralized data in marketing and advertising is advantageous for retail furniture marketers for all of the reasons listed above, and because it’s just that much easier to consolidate data, tools, and logins.

The AdRoll Cross-Channel Performance Dashboard makes it easy to see campaigns holistically, analyze performance, run reports, gather insights, and optimize to improve return on investment. Learn more about getting started with better data centralization.

Online Retailers Choose AdRoll for Data Unification and Results 

The need for a unified brand experience across all online and in-person touchpoints is clear for retail furniture brands. By centralizing data in a single view and using that data to better understand your holistic customer journey, furniture retailers will be able to keep up with accelerated digital advertising spending in their industry. You can learn more about how AdRoll helps furniture retailers streamline their online campaigns here.

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