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13 Happy Customers Share Their Success Stories

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At AdRoll, we’re constantly working to create the best software for our customers so they can smash their digital marketing goals.

Thats why we love watching them use our growth platform to grow their companies—whether they are new to AdRoll or are already taking advantage of our full-funnel solutions.

With our customers in mind, we’ve taken their success stories and compiled them into an eBook, Ads That Win. It features 13 companies—from across the retail, travel, media and entertainment, finance, education, and gaming industries—and presents how they’ve used AdRoll to successfully meet their digital marketing needs.

Here's a sneak peek at what you’ll find in the eBook:

  • Marketing goals and results from a variety of industries, such as retail, media and entertainment, and finance.
  • Performance benchmarks for full-funnel advertising campaigns across our range of products.
  • Quotes and advice from marketing thought leaders at top brands like Beyond Yoga and DL1961.
  • Digital marketing solutions to industry-specific challenges.

To hear more stories and best practices from our customers, check out our case studies.

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