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A Digital Makeover: Dermalogica's Success Story

Giulianno Lopez

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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To understand how the Dermalogica team continues to grow customers and expand their global footprint, we sat down with E-commerce Manager, Lorena Navarrete, to go over how she and her team have utilized video ads in their digital marketing efforts.

AdRoll: What led the Dermalogica team to adopt video ads? What was the business challenge that your team was trying to solve?

Lorena: From a customer acquisition point of view, our goal was to improve brand awareness. And quite often what happens across social and web is that static ads get lost when users scroll through their feeds and websites. Video helped us by engaging new audiences with vibrant, moving imagery that helped us stand out. And with current customers, it helped us convey short but impactful information about our offerings and brand.

AdRoll: Did you have any specific KPIs to reach these goals?

Lorena: This year, in particular, we’ve had to up our website traffic and have aimed to improve it by 3x. Additionally, we’ve had a laser focus on upping our conversion rate. We’re currently on pace to hit these goals by the end of 2019.

AdRoll: How have you been utilizing video ads?

Lorena: Every few months, we’ll have a product launch, so we’ve been using it to promote these new products. Recently, we ran a 4-week video campaign to support our latest launch.

AdRoll: Is there anything that AdRoll has done to enhance your use of video ads?

Lorena: Definitely with ad placement across multiple digital channels. One thing that has stood out has been our results on social; we’ve seen a big jump in engagement.

AdRoll: What advice do you have for marketers who are interested in video ads?

Lorena: Keep your videos short and concise—that’s really, really important. Don’t create videos longer than 15 seconds. People tune out after 10 seconds, and there are statistics that state that people are engaged within the first 4 seconds. If you don’t pull them in from the get-go, you’ll likely lose their attention.

I'd also recommend using sharp, content grabs, and lots of movement. Last, if there’s any dialogue, make sure to use subtitles, as users don’t always have the sound on.

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