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Building a Purpose-Driven Brand: How to Create a Cause Marketing Campaign

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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In 2022, it’s no longer enough to create a stellar product and call it a day. Consumers expect more — and with the abundance of choice available, brands can’t risk focusing on just product or price. Instead, some of the most popular retailers (think of Nike, Patagonia, or Glossier) have a strong moral compass with heavy investments in cause marketing. 

Just take a look at the statistics: 71% of millennials will spend more on a product if a portion of the proceeds is donated to charity. Not only does a purpose-driven brand help you win social and ethical responsibility points, but it also boosts your brand awareness, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and revenue.

That said, here are four steps to creating your first cause marketing campaign:

  1. Pick your cause deliberately. Don’t rush into creating a cause marketing campaign — for maximum impact, you should carefully consider what causes will make the most sense for your brand and target audience. 

  2. Be creative with your campaign. 64% of consumers feel it’s not enough for companies to only donate money. Spend time to brainstorm campaign ideas with even more impact, such as engaging video assets, digital experiences, or even an experiential event. 

  3. Simple messaging with a catchy call-to-action (CTA) works best. We’re constantly inundated with ads and content — so keep your campaign straightforward, and it’ll be more likely to be remembered. Think about how TOMS’ consistent “One for One” messaging has helped cement the shoe brand’s identity as a socially responsible retailer. 

  4. Get your audience involved. The more your audience is invested in your goal, the more likely you’ll succeed with your cause campaign. Give them a role to play, whether it involves participating in an event, spreading your campaign hashtag, or spending to help your brand make a more significant impact. 

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