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Spoon: Brand Campaign of the Month

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In our new series, an agency shares their favorite brand campaigns from the world of digital marketing. This month’s highlight comes from Spoon, an award-winning content marketing agency in London.

Name a Campaign You’ve Spotted That You Highly Rate:

The Mysterious Life of Software Developers from Kantega, a software company based in Oslo, Norway.

What's It About:

To recruit a new pool of software developers, Kantega was keen to position itself as a great workplace for quality talent. The company knew it was essential to stand out from the competition, so they approached our Spoon colleagues in Oslo for support with their recruitment marketing campaign. The result? A hilarious video voiced by a David Attenborough impersonator (!), with the aim of increasing job applications and raising awareness of the Kantega brand.

The Outcome:

The video led to a 3571% increase in traffic to the ‘Careers’ part of the Kantega website, and to date, it’s been viewed more than 23 million times across a range of channels, including the hugely popular UNILAD. It’s also generated 180,000 shares and 60,000 comments.

What Marketers Can Learn From it:

When it comes to digital marketing, stand-out content is king – and in this case, a ‘mockumentary’ video with a sharp comedic spin is bound to stand out online and capture the attention of the market you’re targeting.

Want to share your favorite Brand Campaign of the Month? Tell us about it answering the questions above. Send your answers to and we might even feature it next time!

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