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A Comprehensive List of Ideas for 5-Star Customer Service

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

Are there airlines you absolutely refuse to fly with again, even if the alternatives involve driving for days or suffering through multiple layovers? We’re willing to bet that you probably had a terrible experience — lost bags, waiting on hold for hours, canceled flights — compounded with frazzled or apathetic customer service that provided little to no help (or sympathy!). 

Whether it’s flying, brick-and-mortar shopping, or ecommerce, customer service plays a massive role in whether an angry or frustrated customer says, “I’ll give you another chance,” or “Nope, never again.” 

Customer service is one of the central tenets of customer loyalty. (Before you go any further, check out this guide on transforming casual shoppers into reliable brand advocates.) And anyone who has worked in a customer support role will tell you, providing five-star customer service is easier said than done. 

Looking to make your customer service experience the absolute best it can be?

Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Add a chatbot to your website.

  2. Implement a chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

  3. Provide social media customer service support (e.g., if someone voices a public complaint on Twitter).

  4. Create a dedicated customer service email.

  5. Launch a help desk hotline.

  6. Conduct unexpected customer check-ins.

  7. Follow up on every customer query.

  8. Design a comprehensive FAQ page.

  9. Answer customer questions on video.

  10. Send personalized thank-you notes.

  11. Let shoppers keep returned products rather than mail them back.

  12. Get higher-ups involved with customer service.

  13. Refund shoppers or offer a gift card if you mess up. 

  14. Use a conversational tone throughout your customer service channels.

  15. Personalize your responses (beyond using first names!) whenever possible.

  16. Respond to reviews on Yelp, Google My Business, and other third-party review sites.

  17. Make sure that your marketing and customer support teams have unified messaging.

  18. Encourage happy customers to share their stories.

  19. Ensure that shoppers don’t have to repeat themselves if they’re redirected.

  20. Request feedback from shoppers who’ve contacted customer support, and analyze your customer satisfaction scores regularly.

  21. Employ more customer service agents during peak shopping periods, e.g., the holiday season.

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