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11 Ways to Improve Your Organic Social Media Reach: A Checklist

Shae Henrie

Sr. Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

Organic social media is a mainstay in every effective brand’s toolbox. After all, it’s one of the best ways to engage with followers, promote the latest and greatest (whether that’s new products, exclusive events, or limited-time sales), and most importantly, build your community.

If you’re struggling with growing your organic social media reach or are feeling frustrated by your follower counts, you’re not alone. It’s not easy to develop thriving organic social media accounts from scratch.

Use the tactics in this checklist to flesh out your organic social media strategy. With consistency and quality over time, your social efforts will flourish.

Improving Your Organic Social Media Reach: A Checklist 

Checklist item number 1: post consistently. 2. Sell stories and experiences, not products. 3. Use engaging formats. 4. humanize your brand. 5. find relevant hashtags. 6. add personality to your posts. 7. feature UGC. 8. Maintain consistency across platforms. 9. tap into trends. 10. cultivate community. 11. offer followers exclusive experiences.

Remember: consistency is key! The more present your brand is across channels, the more opportunities you have to engage and, hopefully, covert them into loyal customers. Once you've nailed your organic strategy, it's time to level up.

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