Small Business Booster Kit

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COVID-19 has turned the e-commerce world on its head. Do you feel like you’re back to the starting line and need a boost? Us too.

To help direct-to-consumer businesses like you navigate the evolving marketplace, we’ve built a Small Business Booster Kit, aimed at getting you back on your feet and off to the races. The kit is chock-full of free tools, resources, and content all designed to help boost your business during COVID and beyond.

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Adapt Your Business & Content

Let us be your guide as you wade through uncharted COVID waters. No matter your situation or industry, our free resources are here to help you identify, create and harness the right opportunities for your business now.

Free Marketing Software

You can’t reach your customers if you don’t have the right tools. That’s why we’re giving you free access to the essential marketing tools you need now – from email to AI-driven product recommendations and cross-channel measurement – all in one place. Sign up for AdRoll’s Growth Marketing Platform today and we’ll give you a 30-day free trial of all our enhanced tools.

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Connect with Marketers & Brands

Discover and connect with other marketers in the COVID trenches. Find new ways to work together, help each other, and let off a little steam.

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The GGC Community

We may not be able to go to conferences and trade shows, but we can still mingle and connect as a community through the Growth Guerrilla Collective (GGC). Trade ideas, ask questions share insights and join virtual meet-ups with a community of other growth-minded marketers.

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Small Business Shopping List

With physical doors closed, many new, online doors are open. Support your fellow brands by checking out our small business shopping list the next time you need to make a purchase.

Have your own COVID-related product or offering you want to share? Submit it to our list!

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An illustration of an outstretched arm holding a shopping bag.