The Ultimate Guide to Building a Digital Brand: A Workbook For Challenger Brands

In 2016, 85% of marketing leaders felt they had a two-year window to move to a digital-first model or risk losing ground to competitors according to a report by IDC. That two-year mark has passed and legacy retailers are still scrambling to adapt. Welcome to a new digital era — one where D2C challenger brands are able to gain a competitive edge.

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Digital Brand is an interactive workbook made for the modern marketer who is ready to start planning their takeover. With hands-on sections that cover everything you need to know to deliver an enhanced, unified digital experience to customers — like conducting a competitor analysis, building a customer journey map, performing a website audit, and more — this is an effective exercise in understanding how to differentiate your business from the competition.

Ready to accelerate growth and achieve your full potential? Download the full guide to:

  • Access 21 templates and checklists that will help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy
  • Build a unified experience that turns customers into brand advocates
  • Assess your current state of marketing and identify what you need to grow and how to do it