The (Very) Comprehensive Guide to COVID-19 Resources for D2C Marketers

Since the coronavirus outbreak, consumer behavior has shifted so fast that businesses of all sizes are left with a collective case of whiplash. But, while the outlook may seem bleak for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands in particular — sales are dropping at a rapid rate, supply chains are compromised, and consumer behavior is changing at warp speed — many of these resilient companies have made pivots to accommodate their customers.

So, how can you be strategic with your marketing plans, when the future is so uncertain? How do you put your customers first, when their behaviors are shifting at lightning speed? And how do you keep your business afloat, when funds are low? The (Very) Comprehensive Guide to COVID-19 Resources for D2C Marketers answers all of these questions and more. Our all-inclusive ebook includes helpful content, such as:

  • How to approach COVID-19 messaging
  • Financial resources and in-depth information about accelerating your PPP application
  • Supply chain and manufacturing resources
  • How to get the most out of your paid media spend
  • WFH tips on how to maintain your productivity and company culture
  • And more!

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