Etail + AdRoll: The 2023 Direct-to-Consumer Report

How brands are using data and technology to build more direct and meaningful relationships with their customers.

We partnered with eTail, a national e-commerce conference hosted by Worldwide Business Research, to survey brand manufacturers about trends in the DTC space and how to grow in the future.

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) model has become a winning strategy for many consumer brands, even those that have traditionally sold their products via partnerships with retailers. However, the DTC space has become increasingly crowded — 56% of brands say growing competition has become a key challenge to their DTC business.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How the DTC model has evolved and where it stands in today’s retail environment
  • How brands today are using DTC strategies to connect with customers and increase profit margins
  • How to address new opportunities and challenges stemming from shifts in the DTC market

Key Report Findings

71% of DTC businesses can currently run retargeting ads and 58% can run brand awareness ads using their existing marketing tools.

However, fewer than 50% can currently use other important marketing strategies — such as orchestrating customer journeys across channels, engaging in audience identification and segmentation, and leveraging email marketing automation — due to lack of technology.

Forming a 360-Degree View of Customers is More Important Than Ever

For many DTC brands, customer data quality is suffering at the source due to factors like incomplete information, privacy concerns, and incorrect data entry. This makes it difficult to draw accurate customer insights and make sound business decisions.

So how can these brands remedy their data problem and close technology gaps? The solution lies in using a single platform for securely collecting, storing, and managing data, as well as automating the vetting of new customer information. By becoming more data-centric with the right technology, brands can better understand their customers and ultimately forge more meaningful experiences for them.

Download the report to get access to full survey results and explore how other businesses are leaning on data to transform their DTC operations.

Etail + AdRoll: The 2023 Direct-to-Consumer Report