Direct-to-Consumer Brand Partnerships Playbook

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand partnerships are one of the best tactics for growing businesses to expand their reach and it’s easy to see why — effective partnerships increase brand awareness and customer acquisition in an extremely cost-effective way.

But developing a successful brand partnership strategy isn’t something you can do at a moment’s notice. It requires finding the right partner, having clear goals that tie to business objectives, and understanding the value you can offer prospective partners and their customers.

This Direct-to-Consumer Brand Partnerships Playbook, dives into all of the things needed to successfully partner with other ecommerce brands. Get it to learn:

  • About the benefits of brand partner marketing
  • How to identify the ideal partner for your brand
  • Strategies for determining partnership goals
  • Ways to identify what’s in it for your partner (and why this matters)
  • A blueprint for brand partner marketing success
  • Examples of partnership success stories

After reading the playbook, start making connections with other marketers and potential brand partners by joining the Growth Guerilla Collective community.

Direct-to-Consumer Brand Partnerships Playbook