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Here’s how you drive more sales with AdRoll and Shopify

Solve for shopping cart abandoners

Remind shoppers to go back to your site and complete their orders with ads that feature the products that are still in their shopping cart.

Turn site visitors into loyal customers

Re-engage your site visitors with ad campaigns that span across top sites, social, emails and beyond.

Advertise to the right people online

Group your site visitors into different segments, such as cart abandoners, product page visitors, and current customers, to make it easier to target specific customers.

Get shoppers excited about your products

Learn how shoppers engage with your marketing and Shopify store to create ads that feature previously viewed products and new product recommendations.

"I needed a platform that covered more than one channel. AdRoll helped me with not just display ads, but also social and email. It was really easy for me to show a return on investment, even as a one-man marketing department."

Nav Salimian, Head of Marketing, Claudio Lugli Shirts

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