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Our mission is to save you time, so we’ll make this quick: AdRoll can do more for you than Criteo.

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AdRoll earns a Top Rated 2022 badge from TrustRadius. AdRoll ranks 8.3 out of 10 score compared to Criteo's 6.7 score.

Why AdRoll is so effective:

  • AdRoll’s results are transparent:

    Not only can you see all your data holistically, but you can easily see how results were achieved. When you can see where success is coming from, you can replicate it elsewhere. You’re also better able to see what’s working and reallocate your budget for higher ROAS.

  • Proactive account services + DIY platform controls:

    AdRoll’s platform is built for self-service, allowing you to manage virtually every aspect of your campaign, ad groups, and ads. With AdRoll managed services, you can get additional help with a strategic partner to spearhead strategy, suggest optimizations, and much more.

  • Full funnel campaigns & cross-channel measurement:

    Measure ad performance alongside email, SMS, and paid search channels with AdRoll’s Cross-Channel reporting. See how your entire marketing mix is contributing to conversions.

  • Engaging and on-brand ads creative:

    AdRoll’s creative design team produces highly engaging ads that incorporate elements of your brand, in a variety of formats: dynamic, rich-media, video, native and static.

  • Speedy customer support:

    Our knowledgeable customer support team is a quick live chat away for resolving issues and getting your questions answered.

  • Manage social ads all in one place:

    With AdRoll you can manage and measure ads across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok - all from one place. In a single dashboard, view consolidated reporting across all paid ad channels and say goodbye to cobbling together performance reports into a spreadsheet.

Volcanica logo. Since last year, our revenue has increased 191%, our attributed conversions 177%, and our engagement 33%. We’re reaching and converting customers higher in the funnel."

AdRoll customers make $165B in sales every year

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