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The Ultimate List of Shopify Apps, Tools and Features to Add to Your Store

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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As the go-to platform for growing brands and ecommerce startups, Shopify is filled with innovative, useful, and engaging apps to elevate your virtual storefront. From eye-catching pop-ups to sales countdown timers, adding some of these valuable features can do wonders for clicks and conversions. 

However, we must warn you: It’s easy to get distracted by all the new shiny objects available in Shopify’s colossal app marketplace. Though there’s technically no limit to the number of apps a Shopify store can (or should) have, inundating your store with the latest and most popular features can quickly drag your site speed down and create a cluttered, overwhelming experience. Nobody wants multiple pop-ups hitting them in the face when they visit a website.

To save time, we compiled a list of the most useful Shopify features to consider for your store, sorted across general app categories. However, we’re challenging you to limit yourself to ten or fewer apps that sound interesting. 

After all, similar to site design, less is more here, especially when it comes to front-end, customer-facing features. Not to mention, $12 monthly subscription costs don’t sound like much until you realize that you subscribed to more than a dozen different tools.

And remember: Don’t implement features only because they’re popular among other ecommerce stores. Before downloading an app, think about its place in your shopping journey and how it’ll help move shoppers down the funnel. If it doesn’t serve a genuine purpose, remove it from your list.

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