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The 1-Minute Brand Identity Quiz

Angie Tran

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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Do you know what makes your company special? You may sell fantastic products and have an all-star team, but what about your brand itself? Can customers distinguish yours from competitors? How about your brand awareness — is it weak or strong among your target audience? 

Not sure how to answer? There’s no need to panic: We’re here to help with this 1-minute quiz. Quickly jot down your answers. Once you’re done, each answer will help paint a holistic picture of your brand identity, giving you critical insights on how to improve and expand your current operation. 

Remember: It’s a 1-minute quiz, so don’t overthink it. Let’s get started!

The 1-Minute Brand Identity Quiz

  1. When you think of your brand, what colors come to mind?

  2. What is your brand’s biggest strength — passion, generosity, creativity, joy, fearlessness, responsibility, wisdom, or optimism?

  3. Your company has just received a $1 million gift. What do you do with it?

  4. If you had to write a snappy new tagline for your brand in 10 words or less, what would it be? 

  5. What’s your best product?

  6. What does your target audience do for fun?

  7. Is your brand:

    1. Professional or casual?

    2. Masculine or feminine?

    3. Modern or classic?

    4. Affordable or luxurious?

    5. Cool or warm?

    6. Fun or serious?

    7. Serif, sans serif, or script? 

    8. Memes or gifs?

    9. Loud or quiet?

    10. TikTok or YouTube? 

  8. What other brands would be friends with your brand?

  9. When people see your brand, what emotion do they immediately feel?

  10. What brands do you hope to emulate within the next 5 years? What about 10 years?

Armed with these results, you can extrapolate new insights to feed into your brand and value propositions — which can help you launch richer, more precise brand awareness campaigns.

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