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Sell More, Work Less: A Checklist for Growing Your Shopify Store

Angie Tran

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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As an ecommerce leader, you’re probably well aware that businesses don’t always experience a straightforward growth trajectory — and it’s never quite as smooth-sailing as we hope. Instead, healthy businesses of all sizes and industries typically undergo different life cycle stages as they attract new customers, experiment with unique sales and marketing tactics, and develop their brand. We like to envision brands’ growth as a set of stairs that ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers continuously climb, rather than a smooth ramp.

Understanding the different cycles — and determining which one you’re currently in! —is critical to building your business and marketing strategies. But that can be easy to say, difficult to do. After all, there are a ton of moving parts to every Shopify store. With all the ebooks and blog posts on the latest ecommerce best practices and trends, you might feel compelled to tackle everything at once just to stay ahead of the curve.

While it’s true that you should immediately address critical issues that add friction to your customer journey (such as a checkout process that’s not converting or a landing page that’s not mobile-friendly), you want to create a long-term vision rather than spend all your time frantically plugging holes. You’ll be able to have a better sense of where to invest your resources, all the while looking and planning ahead.

Here at AdRoll, we love designing simple tools so you can sell more and work less. That’s why we created this helpful checklist for Shopify stores at different life cycle stages (attract, engage, and delight), complete with all the marketing tasks that you should complete now.

Armed with this roadmap, you’ll be able to scale the Shopify mountain in no time! If you’re looking to take your store to even greater heights, make sure to check out AdRoll for Shopify.

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