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Total Conversions: New Addition to AdRoll Attribution

Alyx Gatti

Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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We’re very excited to introduce the latest addition to your Attribution dashboard, "Total Conversions" — giving AdRoll clients a more complete view of their website conversions. Now you can easily identify performance trends across your entire site — including insights into conversion rates, average order values, revenue, and more.

Within this new section, you can easily understand the broader context around how AdRoll-attributed and AdRoll-touched converters impact the baseline of your total sales generated by your online campaigns. Use the filters to drill down into conversions across devices, segments, countries, and product views to uncover deeper insights about your website visitors.

Making Sense of the Metrics in Your New “Total Conversions” Section

Before we dive into how to glean insights from this new section we need to look at the metrics you’re using in your Total Attribution tab. So, what does total, attributed, and touched mean in the AdRoll Total Attribution Dashboard?

  • Total conversions: 
    • Total conversions are all the website conversions we see happening based on our pixel across your existing conversion segments. These conversions can be touched by AdRoll or not.
  • Attributed conversions:
    • Attributed conversions are conversions that are credited to AdRoll’s marketing efforts. The way you set up your lookback windows and custom percentage weights you assign to each touchpoint in your Attribution settings will determine how credit is assigned to conversions.
  • Touched conversions:
    • Touched conversions are any conversions that AdRoll had a touchpoint in but didn’t receive credit, often due to restrictive attribution settings. Touched conversions help understand the broader influence your ads are having on conversions beyond what has been attributed.


Monitor Overall Conversion Trends

Easily identify trends across your site—such as conversions by page, revenue driven, conversion rate, average order value (AOV), and cost-per-acquisition (CPA), AdRoll-touched converters, and AdRoll-attributed converters. You can also see how AdRoll-attributed and -touched converters are affecting your overall conversion trends. For example, if your overall website conversions drop but you're seeing that AdRoll influenced conversions are increasing, this would indicate that your AdRoll ads are creating more repeat customers while simultaneously increasing their average lifetime value



Dig Deeper Into Site Conversions

Analyze the view-through conversions and click-through conversions in your dashboard to understand how AdRoll influenced users to spend and drive bottom-line revenue compared to your overall site conversions. For example, you may notice that traffic driven from AdRoll view-through conversions are generating a higher AOV than your seeing from other site traffic. Armed with this information about your more valuable conversion paths, you’d want to consider optimizing beyond clicks for greater revenue growth.


Fine-Tune Your Marketing Strategy with Distribution Tables

Understand your key converters across devices, countries, product page views, and conversion segments (more to come!). Learning where your converters spend their time online will help you find gaps within your AdRoll campaigns and inform how you should adjust your marketing strategy to match where your users are engaging with your ads most.

You’ll notice you can also dig into your conversion segments by looking at the Cross-Device metric. This metric allows brands to see what percentage of their total-, attributed-, and touched-converters engaged on multiples devices.

For instance, you might see 40% of your conversions occur on a mobile device. From this insight, you’d want to consider adding mobile ad placements to your marketing mix—while ensuring you have a mobile-optimized site to make the path to purchase as seamless as possible.

Want more granular insights into your website conversions? Visit your AdRoll Attribution Dashboard or create your free AdRoll account to get started! If you still have questions, head over to our helpful FAQs to learn how to glean valuable insights from your AdRoll Attribution Dashboard.




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