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Payton Jewelry: Email Capture and Product Recommendations

Evi Katsoulieri

Product Manager @ AdRoll

If your week isn't as sparkly and fantastic as you'd like, that's about to change, because we have a *new* Growth Stories episode with Payton Jewelry waiting for you! 💍✨

Carson Ward, AdRoll’s Customer Success Manager — In Life, walks us through how Payton Jewelry uses and optimizes AdRoll’s E-Commerce Marketing platform to contribute to their ongoing success.

Email Capture

One of the first actions the Payton team took with the new AdRoll platform was launching a new website pop-up. They use this email capture form to collect website visitors’ email addresses to fuel their ads and email marketing programs. 

So, what drew Payton Jewelry to AdRoll’s email capture solution? Setting up an AdRoll capture form allows them to manage everything within one platform — they can run their ad display campaigns and emails in one place. 

💡Did you know? By implementing the right checkout optimization strategies such as email capture pop-ups and email sequences, experts estimate that you can increase conversions by a whopping 35%. 

From experimenting with the design to utilizing multiple forms to create strategic targeting with different campaigns, Carson will provide you with some incredibly useful email capture best practices (video below). 

Product Recommendations

After setting up the email collection forms, the Payton Jewelry team focused on implementing product recommendation carousels. These AI-driven product recommendations personalize the user experience in a store and help visitors find products tailored to their preferences. 

How does this work? Product recommendations connect customers with content they’ll love by quickly surfacing relevant products based on visitor behavior on your website and across the web.

By focusing on leveraging the experience of shoppers currently on your site, rather than potential net new shoppers, you can increase your store revenue by 300% and your conversions by 150%.

In the video below, Carson gives us a quick tour of this solution and explains why it’s essential to offer this touch of personalization touch to end users. 

Stay tuned for updates from the Volcanica Coffee team next week! 

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