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It’s Time for a Mid-Year Marketing Audit: A Checklist

Angie Tran

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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Summertime calls for backyard barbecues, pool parties, and… your mid-year marketing audit. After all, aren’t you curious about whether your marketing efforts are working — and whether your hours of hard work have paid off?

If you’re looking to finish the year with a bang, don’t skimp on conducting this review (psst — there's a downloadable version below for you, too!). It’s the ultimate way to ensure you’re making good progress toward your marketing goals and determine any adjustments you need to make to your strategy and tactics.

Your Mid-Year Marketing Audit Checklist

Your Overall Strategy

✅ Are there any big-picture changes affecting your brand that would impact your current marketing goals?

✅ Are any marketing goals no longer relevant?

✅ Do your marketing efforts target each part of the funnel?

✅ Has your target audience changed? Do you want to reach new audiences? Do you need to update your buyer personas?

✅ Do your customers have new pain points or motivators?

✅ Do you have any new competitors? If so, who are they?

✅ What are your competitors’ customers saying about them?

✅ Has your market share changed?

✅ What feedback have customers given?

✅ Have there been any changes to your buyer journey map?

✅ Will any new market trends impact your business?

✅ Have any particular marketing strategies clearly worked (or not worked)?

✅ Do you have new value propositions?

✅ Where are shoppers dropping off before converting?

Your Website

✅ Have you updated outdated pages?

✅ Do any broken links need fixing?

✅ Does your website flow in a logical way?

✅ Do you offer clear value propositions on your homepage?

✅ Are there unnecessary pages worth culling?

✅ Have you optimized your CTAs?

✅ Have you added trust signals throughout your site?

✅ Is your contact information accurate?

✅ Are your privacy pages up to date and clearly linked?

✅ Have you configured your canonical tags?

✅ Are your backlinks accurate and up to date?

✅ Are your UI elements consistent and straightforward?

Your Marketing Tactics

Content and social media

✅ Do you have a healthy mix of content (e.g., videos, short blogs, long-form blogs)?

✅ Are there certain content types that resonate highly with your audience and see higher engagement levels?

✅ Are there audience segments you need to start creating content for?

✅ Are you monitoring your social media mentions? What are people saying?

✅ Is your content plan built around target personas and buyer journey stages?

✅ Does your content calendar include a mix of evergreen and trending topics?


✅ Are there new influencers you want to add to your strategy?

✅ How are you building your influencer relationships?

✅ Do you need to revisit any existing relationships?

✅ What’s the ROI for your influencer campaign?


✅ Are there any trends related to email open rates and click-through rates?

✅ Are there certain content types that resonate highly with your audience and see higher engagement levels?

✅ Are there audience segments you need to start creating content for?

✅ Are your emails built around target personas and buyer journey stages?

Ads and campaigns

✅ What were your most and least effective campaigns?

✅ Are there any new ad formats, placements, or channels worth trying out?

✅ Have you adjusted your bids according to performance?

✅ Are your ads segmented by customer profiles and buyer journey stages?

✅ Do you have a plan for testing and improving your ad creative?

✅ What is the ROI for your different campaigns?


✅ Which keywords are most effective in driving conversions?

✅I s your site content optimized for search?

✅ Are your key pages built around specific keywords?

✅ Are your site’s H1 tags, page titles, and URLs correct and contain your target keywords?

Armed with this audit, you’re one step closer to ending the year with a bang! If you’ve identified areas for improvement but don’t know how to start tackling these challenges, check out AdRoll’s solutions — as an all-in-one platform, we’re one of the top partners that marketers use to grow their brands. Get started with our ads, emails, and analytics tools now.

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