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I’d Rather Be With My Dog: Success Story

Giulianno Lopez

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

After I’d Rather Be With My Dog successfully used social media to build their audience, they wanted to scale their growth, beyond only page likes. Find out how they increased their ROAS to 3.4x by using AdRoll’s Shopify integration.

Use Case

The lifestyle brand was in search of a marketing solution that would eliminate time-consuming campaign setup, personalize their customer experiences, and make more online sales.

Accessing Instant Digital Expertise

Digital marketing is a complex jigsaw puzzle for most brands. CEO and founder, Doug Ratner, knew right away that he had to ramp up his marketing capabilities so he could build upon his initial success.

“I’m a musician, so I didn’t know much about starting a business—let alone advertising online. As with any business, it took awhile for me to take off with e-commerce,” says Doug.

He integrated his Shopify store with AdRoll and immediately began launching campaigns. A seamless onboarding process left Doug with more time to work on broadening his understanding of digital marketing. “The Shopify integration eliminated steps during onboarding—freeing me to focus on our digital strategy. The number of things I've learned about e-commerce, it's mind-blowing.”

Personalizing Their Customer Journey

With the amount of noise online, it’s easy for shoppers to tune brands out. Personalization was Doug’s key to drumming up more engagement and more online sales. AdRoll’s Shopify integration allowed Doug to deliver dynamic ads that featured products in abandoned shopping carts, previously-viewed products, and new recommendations.

His site visitors were automatically separated into individual segments and served ads based on what they did while on his website. Since syncing his store, he’s seen his marketing drive a 3.4x ROAS. “AdRoll has helped us reach the next level by giving us the tools to make the best ads, content, and overall experience for our customers.”

About I’d Rather Be With My Dog

I’d Rather Be With My Dog is a lifestyle brand for canine lovers of all walks of life. They manufacture and sell dog-related apparel to customers around the world. A portion of each sale goes to a different charity organization each week that helps dogs in need.

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