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Consult the Cards: The Tarot Deck of Marketing Tips

Angie Tran

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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Marketing can be a mysterious process — and for beginner marketers, it may even feel like you’re embarking on a fool’s journey at times. For those who can confidently say they’re familiar with the industry’s top tools and tactics, there’s usually still some lingering doubt about whether or not you’ll unlock marketing success — without blowing up your budget.

If only there was a way to reveal your fortunes and put you on the right path… Wait, now there is! Check out this deck of marketing tarot cards for some much-needed hope and inspiration.  

The Emperor: Developing an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Trustworthiness, structure, knowledge, perseverance

Source: Psychic Guild

Organization, logic, and structure… sure sounds a lot like what an omnichannel marketing strategy represents, doesn’t it? 

Omnichannel marketing is the integration of a unified and consistent customer experience across various channels, including brick-and-mortar stores, digital ads, mobile apps, and social media. Each channel contributes to your brand's identity and image in its own way. Together, they form a powerful strategy for reaching customers across the marketing funnel.

Just like the Emperor card, you’ll want to use a planned and pragmatic approach when setting up your omnichannel marketing strategy — after all, it’s the North Star that’ll help pave your way to success. 

Four of Wands: Creating a Brand Community

Community, stable and supportive relationships, happy families

Source: Psychic Guild

You know what's nice? A group of people with whom you share common interests or values. And guess what? Companies can build communities too, ones filled with brand advocates and loyal customers. 

The Four of Wands card represents just that: an engaged community that supports your company and its mission, spreading the word about you, one product or service at a time. 

However, the best kind of brand community is one where members actively interact together over shared interests beyond your products. So make sure you’re offering customers opportunities — whether that’s by asking questions through social media, hosting a fun event, or building a forum on your site. 

Page of Pentacles: Ramping Up Your Skills and Knowledge

Studiousness, focus, learning

Source: Psychic Guild

Whether you’re an entry-level marketer or a well-seasoned expert, ramping up your skills and knowledge is always a good idea. Here are some practical ways to level up a la the Page of Pentacles:

  • Read industry blogs. (Start with AdRoll!) 

  • Sign up for a marketing newsletter. 

  • Take advantage of online courses

  • Attend a webinar. 

Wheel of Fortune: Leveraging Sales and Promotions

Luck, destiny, faith

Source: Psychic Guild

Okay, we’re cheating a little with this one — in tarot, the Wheel of Fortune card doesn’t actually represent a massive spinning prize wheel. (But that would be pretty rad, wouldn’t it?) 

When it comes to bolstering the bottom line, sales and promotions can be invaluable. Like many aspects of marketing, there are multiple ways to use this tactic effectively: 

  • Creating a flash sale to clear out old inventory 

  • Using a discount to get customers off the fence when it comes to purchasing (or recovering their abandoned carts) 

  • Offering a promo code to reward existing customers for their loyalty 

The Art of Intuition, Interpretation, and Perception

In tarot, the fool’s journey is a metaphor for life, complete with all of its trials and tribulations. You can think of your marketing career in a similar way, where there will be both major milestones (a successful campaign) and occasional setbacks (a product launch that didn't meet expectations). 

Similar to how you’ll receive new tarot cards each time you shuffle the deck, you can’t rely on a single marketing tactic if your goal is to grow over time (as it should be) — you’ll need to adjust your strategy on a regular basis by evaluating what’s working and what’s not.

While you’re at it, make sure to check out the AdRoll Marketing Resource Library regularly for the latest trends, tactics, and tips.

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