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Bite Into National Avocado Day With AdRoll’s Customizable Email, Newsletter Templates

Scott Jones

Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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Summer is the perfect time to celebrate the little things in life — sunshine, sandy beaches, and quality time with loved ones. But if you're in charge of an e-commerce business, you know how pivotal the season can be for your company's future. Now’s the time to focus on your goals and grow the business before the year is up.

The question is, how? One word: Avocados. And more specifically, National Avocado Day, which takes place July 31. Consider these fleshy green fruits the secret ingredient you need to help capture your customers' attention like never before. Here's everything you need to know.

National Avocado Day — Why Care?

When 60 million pounds of the creamy fruit (yes, avocados are fruit) were purchased last week, that's a reliable indicator that you should pay attention. If that wasn't enough, there's been $1.1 billion dollars in avocado sales as of May 17. 

It's hard to imagine a world without avocados. But it wasn't until the late 90s and early 2000s, as import restrictions loosened, when avocados became readily available across the U.S. in supermarkets and on restaurant menus. Since then, avocado consumption has grown to new heights, increasing by more than 200% in the last two decades.

As for National Avocado Day as a holiday — we're not ones to turn down a reason to celebrate, even if it's for a fruit (technically, a berry) that was once nicknamed "alligator pears." This week it's avocados, next week it's watermelon (on August 3).

How Can I Tap Into the Business of Avocados?

Remember: This is about much more than avocados. There are more than 320 food and beverage holidays every year, equating to a different one nearly every day. And that's simply food. Think about all of the other celebrations out there, from religious and spiritual festivals to public observances. Then there are the downright bizarre holidays, ranging from National Nothing Day on January 16 to National Scavenger Hunt Day on May 24 and even National Make Up Your Mind Day on December 31. (Seriously, there's a holiday for just about anything you can think of).

These holidays are a great time to send your customers a friendly email to wish them a Happy Sandwich Day (November 3) and score another touchpoint in a fun, no-pressure way. It can take hundreds of touchpoints to turn a lead into a sale, so the more of them you can get (without annoying customers) the better!

Introducing AdRoll’s Special Event Email

Easy and quick to customize, AdRoll's new holiday email templates are what you need to engage your customers. Beyond the most celebrated holidays, AdRoll has turned its focus to the lesser-known and often overlooked holidays that break the norm and cut through the clutter. In other words, National Avocado Day (and other causes for celebration just like it). 

With some help from us, you'll get your customers excited about holidays they didn't know existed — and, in turn, boost business. 

Getting Started Is Easier Than Waiting for an Avocado to Ripen

All you have to do is pick a template and drag-and-drop information to build and customize an email or newsletter to fit your brand. Just imagine the time and money you’ll save by using premade templates that can be seamlessly modified to suit your company’s aesthetic.

Even better, we’ll provide the inspiration — including funny, obscure holiday ideas — to get your promotional campaigns rolling. That just leaves you to decide which celebrations you want to capitalize on. Plus, using our customizable templates is one of the easiest ways for businesses like yours to capture customers' attention in an entertaining and lighthearted way — which, honestly, is something we could all use a bit more of. ❤

Ready to get creative with all our email templates? Get started here.  

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