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Allow Us to (Re)introduce Ourselves: Meet the New AdRoll E-Commerce Marketing Platform

Meredith Klee

Director of Communications @ AdRoll

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Spring is a time of renewal. Of growth and re-growth. That feeling of cleaning out the old to make way for the fresh and the new. Over our 13+ years helping brands globally reach their customers, we've experienced many springtimes together, both literally and in our business. We’ve planted seeds along the way, nurturing something bigger and bolder, and we’re thrilled to unveil it today: the new AdRoll E-Commerce Marketing Platform. Moving beyond just ads, AdRoll will now serve as your one-stop-shop for all your media AND marketing needs.

We're taking what we've learned from helping 37k customers globally, and using the data and machine-learning we've developed in that time, to power an entire marketing suite all under one roof. That means you can spend less time tool-hopping and digging through data in siloed platforms, and more time forging, nurturing and expanding relationships with your customers, across the entire customer journey.

Here’s What’s New:

A ton of enhanced email capabilities that allow you to reach the right customers at the right time.

New tools include everything from opt-in email capture and triggered and on-demand email sends, to drag-and-drop email builders that save you record time on the communication that counts. In addition to how easy they are to use, the tools also give you deep insights into audience activity like scroll time, time spent on the page, and more. Bringing your email marketing under the same roof as the rest of your tools allows you to form connections between otherwise disparate data points, create seamless messaging between channels, and saves you time and money.

AI driven-product recommendations that work across your ads, email, and online store experience – all of them!

These recommendations work behind the scenes to ensure content is dynamic and personalized across all channels – and power key initiatives, like shopping-cart recovery, to help complete the customer journey. Customers purchase more, and more often when marketing is personalized, and our product recommendations engine gives you the power to do just that – personalize product recommendations seamlessly across all your channels. Using our deep knowledge of online shoppers and their behavior, you can more effectively implement strategies for cart recovery, browse recovery, and customer loyalty.

Cross-channel measurement lets you know exactly which channels are most effective, and which ones aren’t by tracking cross-channel performance all in one place.

By providing deep insights into how campaigns are performing across channels, you get a single view into your entire marketing mix and can allocate budget based on what drives the best results. Cross-channel measurement has previously been something that only established brands – with big budgets– could afford. We're breaking down barriers and clearing the way for smaller, ambitious brands to track cross-channel campaign performance. Deep insights into campaign performance lead you to spot trends all along the customer journey from introduction to purchase, which in turn leads to a shorter, more fluid path to purchase and more revenue in your pocket.

When we started planning this launch months ago, we didn't realize it would come at a time where marketers at all brands, but particularly up-and-coming brands, would be adapting their business and looking for a way to thrive during a challenging time. We know times are tough and there are more questions than answers out there right now. That’s why we’re taking the question of do I try or buy out of the equation for you by extending our free trial for all tools to 90 days, no strings attached.

Get a Peek at Our New Packages:

  • Get started with access to the foundational tools you need to start unifying your data, creating cross-channel strategies and personalizing your customer's journey with you – all for free!
  • Expand your influence and accelerate your growth with increased access to solutions like email, product recommendations, and cross-channel insights to help you dive deeper into what's working and then segment and personalize your marketing efforts, just $9/month after your 90-day free trial.
  • Outpace the competition and make intentional decisions with even more access to all of the tools you need including more email sends and performance benchmarks, just $19/month after your 90-day free trial.
  • Own your data and insights with advanced tracking that breaks down the barriers between siloed channels. Make connections, explore your marketing mix and dive even deep into conversion paths. Get these premium measurement solutions for $499/month.

Our new platform solutions and packages were built on years of listening to our customers, digging into their unique challenges and building solutions for them. We're excited to finally bring the newest iteration of our mission – to level the playing field for direct-to-consumer brands – to you at a time where the playing field has never been more tilted toward big brands and big budgets. We hope you are able to dig in, use the tools, and grow with us.

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