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11 Marketing Updates to Keep an Eye Out for in 2022

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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The number of solutions, tactics, and features in marketers’ toolboxes significantly increases year after year. If you’re wringing your hands and saying, “Help! I can’t keep track of everything,” you’re in the right place.

Here are 11 new Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google features and updates released so far this year. Many of them have the power to boost your reach and engagement tremendously, so make sure to click on the links to learn more!


  1. All Instagram users can now use its product tagging feature to link to businesses’ Instagram Shopping pages.

  2. With Instagram Subscriptions, creators can share exclusive experiences and content with their followers.

  3. Instagram announced its hashtags don’t make a significant impact on reach.

  4. Instagram rolled out a feature that generates auto-captions for in-feed videos.


  1. Facebook no longer lets you target ads using topics such as health causes, sexual orientation, religious practices, and political beliefs.

  2. Facebook’s new group admin tools offer moderators more capabilities related to muting members, suspending members, and approving posts.


  1. Pinterest released “Your Shop,” a customized destination for users to browse, shop, and purchase. (Your brand will be included once you upload your product catalog to the platform.)

  2. Using in-app checkout, Pinterest users can now purchase from Shopify stores directly on Pinterest without leaving the platform.

  3. Pinterest Predicts is a new tool that offers businesses real-time search data, audience trends, and more.


  1. Google’s new manager account dashboard lets marketers quickly review performance across accounts.

  2. Google introduced improvements to ad extensions for brands to deliver more engaging Search ads.

Beyond these updates to popular marketing channels, there are new Shopify features and changes you should learn more about, too.

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