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The e-commerce marketing platform for growing direct-to-consumer brands.

Only AdRoll gives you the power to connect, automate, and measure the whole customer journey, across the web.

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We level the playing field for direct-to-consumer brands.

D2C marketers are short on time and long on tools that don’t talk to each other, slowing them down and making it hard to tell a connected story.

AdRoll’s Growth Marketing Platform centralizes essential marketing and advertising activities, all in one place, serving as mission control for your entire customer journey.

By unifying your data, channels, and measurement, we make it easier to bring relevance to your customers—the right messages in the right places at the right times—helping you grow and compete.

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People buy more from brands they love

We see billions of shoppers—their behaviors, preferences, and intent—helping you get inside their heads and hearts. Our data and machine learning unifies everything we know about them with everything you know about them, so you can make better marketing decisions.

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Grow your confidence

Marketers make hundreds of small bets every day. We take the guesswork out. Our cross-channel attribution gives you a unified view of the touch points influencing customer behavior so you can scale what drives growth.

Master Your Marketing Mix

A customer being wowed by seeing products that are exactly what they're looking for.

Grow your brand

Find more people who’ll fall in love with your brand. Our advanced audience targeting works together with our proprietary AI to create brand awareness and drive high-quality new site traffic.

Build Better Brand Awareness

A customer being wowed by seeing products that are exactly what they're looking for.
A customer clicking on a great product.

Grow your sales

Inspire action across ads, email, and your online store. Unite what you know about your customers with our over 1.2 billion shopper profiles to surface items they’ll love—and buy.

Engage More Customers

A customer on their phone tapping on a shop item they love.

Grow customer loyalty

Go beyond customer acquisition, and use your customer relationships to drive growth. Increase loyalty—and lifetime value (LTV)—with relevant, personalized cross-channel experiences.

Create Customer Loyalty

A customer on their phone tapping on a shop item they love.

Marketing automation, all in one place

Make the most of moments that matter

Automatically show shoppers the most relevant products to them, with AI-driven product recommendations that personalize dynamic ads, email, and your online store experience.

Increase customer lifetime value

Let our AI power your entire customer journey, from awareness through purchase, to increase sales, average order value, and loyalty, and get a centralized picture of cost, ROI, and impact.

Connect and create a seamless customer experience

AdRoll integrates easily with everything else in your world—including leading e-commerce platforms, email and marketing automation, popular reporting tools and more.

Be seen in more places

Build a brand customers love, turn more visitors into customers, and grow customer loyalty with AdRoll’s growth marketing platform. Join over 37,000 bustling brands growing with AdRoll.

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“AdRoll has been such an important part of our growth story. My first ever campaign took place on Black Friday and delivered 27x ROI. To this day, it still blows my mind.”

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