Confidently conquer the crypto sphere armed with the power of AdRoll

In the crypto trading world, you’ve gotta move fast. AdRoll’s AI-powered technology gives you the edge to optimize your ad campaigns in real time and the human support you need to grow your crypto currency trading platform. With over 15 years of experience in AI-powered marketing, AdRoll is a cost-efficient ad platform that empowers you to measure and hit customer acquisition goals.

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With AdRoll, XCoins was able to accelerate their growth

  • 53% increase in organic traffic
  • 22% increase in direct traffic
  • 6x growth in Bitcoin sales supported
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Why AdRoll?

AdRoll is the most efficient way to deploy ad spend and grab market share.

1. Prospect for new crypto traders

Explore display ads

2. Sign up new trading accounts

Explore retargeting ads

3. And most importantly - get those accounts funded and active!

Explore ads & email together

  • Unrivaled Reach

    Build your brand everywhere. Place online ads across desktop and mobile inventory on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, AppNexus, OpenX, and millions of other websites and mobile apps.

  • Algorithms that move at the speed of markets (literally nano-seconds)

    Our real-time bidding (RTB) engine, BidIQ helps achieve the best ROAS by finding you the right visitor, at the right time, at the optimal price. BidIQ drives performance by bidding uniquely for every impression.

  • Edit on the fly with actionable data and insights

    Our Dashboard provides data to optimize your campaign — including frequency, spend, benchmarks, and smart segments. We also show the percentage change for each metric and provide tangible insights on where to shift your budget.

  • Optimize performance

    AdRoll benchmark reporting for ads and email combines industry benchmarks with our AI-collected data to help you understand trends in your campaigns. Then we give you the tips you need to optimize performance.

  • Reach over 1.2 billion profiles in our database

    The AdRoll platform is powered by 15+ years of data from billions of users. Once our pixel is placed on your website, we build an intent map of your current converting audience to find similar traders.

  • Dedicated, timely, forex brokerage-focused customer support

    Get access to a dedicated onboarding specialist and an account manager who will help you resolve any issues quickly to get you up and running. Our customers love us.

Przemek Dmochowski. Director of Marketing at Xcoins.
Przemek Dmochowski Director of Marketing at Xcoins
“AdRoll has given us a platform and the right analytics tools to gather the data we need to run effective campaigns. Their expert advisors have our back and support Xcoins’ technology with actionable insights and recommendations. They know how to combine the science and art of advertising—finding the best ways to capture the right data, channeling it into effective campaigns.”

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