Case Study | Industry: b2c

Sounds True

4x ROAS for Sounds True Publishing

Founded in 1985, Sounds True is a multimedia publishing company with the world’s largest collection of teachings that support spiritual awakening and personal transformation. With a mission to “wake up the world,” Sounds True has 80+ employees and a library of more than 1,500 titles. As the Sounds True mission continues to spread, the marketing team needed help delivering targeted advertising to an ever-expanding list of current and prospective customers. Using the AdRoll Growth Platform, they were able to segment audiences into groups and reach them with personalized messages and offers, which allowed them to manage an “always on” evergreen strategy as well as seasonal promotions. Here's how they gained a strong return on advertising spend (ROAS) and marketing investment (ROI) along the way.

Valuable Consumer Insights

“As our offerings grow, it’s been extremely helpful for us to understand who is expressing interest in which products.”

Sounds True uses the AdRoll integration with Magento to collect site visitors and generate high-performing, personalized ads that build brand awareness and drive more sales. AdRoll automatically saves and tracks customer data across all channels, giving Sounds True valuable insights into how customers are engaging with their marketing. Audience segments are grouped based on criteria like online behavior, shopping cart abandonment, product page visits, and previous purchases, allowing Sounds True to launch multichannel campaigns that showcase specific products or offers in which customers have expressed interest. Communicating with consumers on a more personal level helps Sounds True appeal to new audience segments and build deeper relationships with existing consumers.

Access to Valuable Data & Analysis

“AdRoll gives us more access to our data and analytics than other platforms we’ve used in the past.”

Using the AdRoll Growth Platform provided Sounds True with access to valuable consumer data they can mine to build more nuanced and effective marketing campaigns. The ability to segment on a single dashboard gives Sounds True a complete view of their consumer set. They can see how different consumers interact with different product offerings and messaging. They can divide consumers into groups based on their level of intent, and add and modify messaging in real time. They can also dive deeper into performance by segmentation, testing different messaging, offers, and creative styles against different target groups to see what really resonates. As Sounds True continues to grow its library and reach more people, the insights gained from tracking different consumer groups translates into knowing how to communicate with them in an ongoing dialogue, using the website, retargeting ads, social media, and email.

User-Friendly Tools to Gauge Consumer Interest

“AdRoll provides complete transparency around attribution, helping us see what’s working and what isn’t.”

As Sounds True’s director of ecommerce, Kyle manages all consumer marketing and runs the ecommerce store. Partnering with AdRoll gives him with the support he needs to understand his customers, giving him ideas on how and where to reach them, and what messages will resonate. From the comprehensive dashboard he can control which segments receive which offers, making strategic adjustments based on real-time results. Armed with insights and data, Kyle’s campaigns are more tactical, sparking interest and yielding more sales, more profit, and stronger ROAS for the company.