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"Not pretty but effective." A brave mission statement from a brave company that’s made education the basis of their business growth. Over the past 30 years, Dermalogica continues to blaze a trail. See how AdRoll is helping them get the right results.

We have lofty customer acquisition goals and knew the first step was attracting new site visitors. Since partnering with AdRoll, we’ve seen a noticeable lift in new, high-quality site traffic, which has led to big gains to our bottom line.”

—Lorena Navarrete
Ecommerce Manager, Dermalogica

Deploying a comprehensive strategy

As Dermalogica was looking to increase their market share, they needed AdRoll’s help with reaching new, in-market audiences and turning them into loyal customers.

Cutting through the noise

With over 30 years in the skincare game, it’s safe to say that Dermalogica has major staying power. But competitors in this sector—especially those that only operate online—have flooded the market. Ecommerce Manager, Lorena Navarrete, needed help executing a new product launch that cut through the noise.

‘The team had to bring a brand-new overnight skincare product, Sound Sleep Cocoon, to market. We had market penetration goals that we absolutely had to hit,’ says Navarrete.

Navarrete and her team not only met the ambitious standards they set, but surpassed them. AdRoll was a big reason why. Dermalogica was able to leverage their website data to find shoppers who mirrored their best customers. From there, strong creative and smart ad placement helped seal the deal. ‘AdRoll has helped us have phenomenal penetration, disproportionately over our original goal,’ says Navarrete. ‘We would have been happy with 8-10% but this launch saw an 18% result in market penetration—that’s huge!’

A full-funnel partner

Lorena Navarrete is an ecommerce expert that has plenty of experience executing complicated marketing strategies. However, given her team’s workload, she needed a partner to help pick up the slack.

‘Our biggest ambition is for ecommerce to drive 10% of overall business. In order to do that, we needed to round out the rest of our marketing strategy,’ says Navarrete.

AdRoll’s account managers were there to offer their support and expertise to fill in the gaps. The ecommerce team was able to bring it all together and deploy a full-funnel marketing approach that brought real results. ‘AdRoll has been key in building a more robust top-to-mid funnel marketing strategy,’ says Navarrete. ‘Implementing a strategy that our account managers supported has been invaluable as we move to hitting our long-term goals.’

About Dermalogica

Dermalogica, founded in 1986, is a global skincare company that specialises in producing and distributing skin health products. To date, they’ve won 324 awards and have been sold in over 80 countries.

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