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Video Marketing: How to Build Brand Trust

Laura Finnerty

Multimedia Content Manager @ AdRoll

Video marketing is a critical component of successful digital marketing strategies: Consumers are 4x more likely to watch a video about a product than to read about it, and survey results demonstrate that 25% of consumers lose interest in a company if it doesn’t use any video. But video marketing doesn’t just promote your products — it also connects your brand with your audience and builds trust with viewers. 

Let’s explore how small businesses can build brand trust through video marketing. 

Video Marketing for Small Businesses 

Small businesses can use personality and authenticity to create standout video marketing. They can also deliver personal content more frequently since they aren’t bound by the corporate approval process or restrictions that are common within the Amazons of the world. The distance between owner and consumer is much shorter, which can be a significant advantage if these companies use video to showcase their brand personalities. 

While video marketing may come with a hefty price tag in some cases, creating cost-effective video content is easier than it’s ever been thanks to technological advancements. You can even create videos using your iPhone and put them together with user-friendly apps on your phone or laptop. Topics could include the reason why the business exists, a spotlight on the dedicated people who work hard to bring quality products and experiences to the customers, and your favorite customer stories. These approaches will enable smaller enterprises to break through the noise and form a deeper connection with their target audiences.

Ways to Build Trust Through Video Marketing Copy

If you’re wondering how to have powerful brand video marketing that builds awareness, trust, and conversions, follow these five steps to begin connecting with your audience.

Tell your brand story and be authentic

As you begin to develop your video marketing campaign, create the “cornerstone” videos that set your brand’s identity, voice, mission, and goals. Behind every great brand is a great story. Your audience wants to learn why your company exists, what your purpose or mission is, and why they should invest time and money into your company.

These videos should be personal and authentic to spark a genuine connection with your audience. Be sure to discuss ways that your business is different from the others and why your company stays true to its values. Make it interesting and creative to grab and keep your audience’s attention.

Interview employees and share behind-the-scenes moments

Another way to add a personal touch is to shine a spotlight on the people behind the products. Interview employees, showcase exciting roles within the company, and share stories of why they love working at the company and what makes the experience special. Some of those reasons should focus on how they get to serve the customers in meaningful ways.

The more familiar that your audience is with the people that represent the brand, the more connected they’ll feel. People also like to know that the company they support has good relationships with its employees and that the brand embraces its values internally as well. Behind-the-scenes moments help to reinforce credibility and build trust. The more successful you are at sharing your story, the better your audience will remember your brand. Deepen these connections to build loyalty among existing customers as well.

Share testimonials

Testimonials and referrals play a significant role in potential customers’ decision-making process. Consumers trust testimonials more than they believe what a company says about itself. That’s why testimonial videos are invaluable to trust-building and video marketing campaigns. 

Compelling customer testimonial videos will explain:

  • The problem and pain points that the customer faced
  • How the business worked with them to fix the problem
  • A positive discussion about the results of the product and how they feel about the company
  • Why they value the brand and products and how they stand out from others

Highlight your industry expertise

You can build trust with your audience by showcasing your industry expertise. Videos that discuss the latest styles, trends, colors, tips, and industry innovations are all examples of establishing thought leadership and building credibility with your target consumers.

Create product videos

Though the primary focus of trust-building is not to sell products, there’s no doubt that detailed product videos build credibility by demonstrating the quality of your products and the professionalism of your company. These videos focus on building trust in your product primarily, and your brand secondarily. 90% of consumers say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process, so don’t skip out on this valuable content.

Persuasive product videos will quickly demonstrate how your product solves the issue that it’s supposed to. Video is the perfect format for this because “live” action conveys more honesty than still photographs alone. Most consumers know that images can be manipulated in Photoshop to appear in better condition or of higher quality than they are, so they’re not as convincing alone. Products in action enable consumers to imagine how they could use it, what it would be like, and also a realistic scale on a person, which is often challenging to determine in e-commerce product photos.

With these tips on how to have powerful brand video marketing, you can build trust with your audience and earn the loyalty of customers. Focus on creating exciting, entertaining, and helpful videos to attract attention and make your videos shareable so you can maximize their value to your company. Consumers are smart and very sensitive to sales pitches and overselling. Regardless of what content you generate, ensure your brand voice is authentic to connect in a way that is meaningful and lasting.

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