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Inevitable Shopify Growth Challenges: Integrating Cross-Channel Inventory and Sales

Ding! An order comes in, and you pack it, mail it, then… manually go to your inventory tracker — whether that’s an Excel spreadsheet or (gasp!) a crumpled paper on your desk — and update your numbers. 

As you start scaling your Shopify store, integrating cross-channel inventory and sales will become nonnegotiable. You simply can’t afford to make a mistake. After all, your inventory tracker provides a crucial snapshot into whether you need to replenish low-stock products or create a promotion around overstocked ones. 

But with multiple sales channels — think of your Shopify site, maybe a brick-and-mortar location, Facebook and Instagram, or even an Amazon seller page — things can get confusing real quick. Remember: Success isn’t simply listing your products on multiple platforms. Instead, it’s rooted in leveraging a multichannel inventory management solution. 

With Shopify Plus, integrating cross-channel inventory and sales transforms from complex to simple and automated. 


Get started by browsing various inventory management solutions and apps on Shopify, and keep these requirements in mind:

✅ Does it offer real-time cross-channel visibility across your sales channels and warehouses?

✅ Can you prevent shoppers from ordering out-of-stock or backordered items?

✅ Does it provide demand forecasting and out-of-stock trends?

✅ Can you set rules that automatically reorder inventory and create POs?

✅ Can you locate inventory closest to shoppers’ locations (if you have multiple fulfillment centers)?

✅ Can you automate fulfillment processes?

✅ Does it offer comprehensive reporting and analytics?

✅ Can you easily update and organize product data?

✅ Can you control and adjust the units available to purchase based on your stock level,  (e.g., fewer available units appearing on fast-selling channels)?

✅ Can you lock inventory for special occasions (e.g., locking products labeled as Cyber Monday doorbusters before the actual event)? 

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Lindsay Martinez

Lindsay Martinez

Lindsay is the Sr. Partner Marketing Manager at AdRoll. She gets a kick out of helping ecommerce brands solve both their big and not-so-big marketing challenges by sharing solutions that AdRoll and partners are cooking up. Lindsay counts herself lucky to live on the beautiful Central Coast of California with her 2 kids, 2 cats, and 1 husband.