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How To Choose The Perfect Shopify Apps: A Checklist

Angie Tran

Content Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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With Shopify’s simple-to-use interface and robust functionalities, launching an ecommerce store is easy. But deciding which apps you need for success from a marketplace of 4,200+ options? Now that’s hard. And intimidating. And pretty overwhelming. 

It doesn’t take a Shopify expert to know that finding the right apps can quickly elevate your store into a multi-functional one that does wonders when it comes to grabbing attention, pushing shoppers to convert, and encouraging them to come back for more. Behind the scenes, the top apps can also streamline your operations, merchandising, and customer service, so you’re no longer scrambling to double-check product availability and address labels. And if you’re looking to be even more hands-off, a dropshipping app can take care of nearly all the legwork, from product sourcing to fulfillment. 

Long story short, your brand can’t grow without the right tools, so it’s well worth your time to research, compare, and determine which Shopify apps best meet your brand’s needs. To help make the process slightly more manageable, we’ve created this fillable table so you can easily compare all the Shopify apps you’re considering. Once completed, you can get a holistic view of which apps give you the best functionality for your buck. 

When evaluating potential Shopify apps, use this checklist to help you pick the perfect ones:

✅ Is it easy to use? When it comes to factors like page-builders, go for apps that offer drag-and-drop functionalities — trust us, it’ll save you a ton of time and stress. 

✅ Does it require custom coding? Similarly, unless you’re familiar with HTML or CSS, try to choose apps that don’t need backend coding for customization, whether for fonts or colors. 

✅ What problem does it solve? You want to pick apps that can genuinely streamline the marketing, sales, store design, fulfillment, customer service, merchandising, or operations challenges you’re currently facing. 

✅ How much does the app cost? While it’s exciting to install as many top-tier apps as you can find, your monthly subscription bill can rack up quickly. Be sure to determine an app budget beforehand. 

✅ Does it offer a free plan or a 30-day free trial? Rather than shell over the big bucks immediately, make sure to test to see if the app is truly right for you and meets your expectations via a free base plan or limited-time trial. 

✅ How much support does the app offer? The best apps will have regular updates and an easily reachable support team in case anything goes wrong. 

✅ What other apps can it integrate with? Ideally, you’ll want your app to be able to integrate with your core marketing technology stack, including things like Google Analytics. 

✅ How many reviews does it have? What is its average rating? Sometimes, the best thing to do is take the word of others. For example, if you’re noticing other users complaining about common pain points, such as the lack of customer service or frequent glitches, it might be a sign to stay away. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grow your customer base, generate more sales, and take your Shopify store to the next level. Have fun! 

And if you need more help with your ecommerce journey, check out the AdRoll integration for Shopify. 

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