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Email Capture Tools: The Top 5 You Need to Use

Evi Katsoulieri

Product Manager @ AdRoll

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Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools available because it results in high conversion rates and ROI. However, a stellar email marketing strategy is useless without an equally stellar email list.Ā You need people to be on the receiving end of your email marketing campaigns.Ā 

So, how do you get those people? Great question! The answer is simple: an email capture tool.Ā  Email capturing enables you to legally collect email addresses from your website visitors to grow your email list and encourage further engagement with your brand.

There are various email capture tools available that enable you to incentivize your website visitors to hand over their email address. Whether you offer them a discount or free resource in exchange for their most valued possession (i.e., their email), you need a tool to help you create an attractive and effective form for them to do so.Ā Ā 

Now, if you type in ā€œemail capture toolsā€ into Google, you will see a lot of different options. It can get overwhelming, mainly because not all email capture tools are created equal, and what works for one company may not necessarily work the best for you.Ā 

Thatā€™s why weā€™ve created this top-5 list to review the best email capture tools so that you can choose the one that will be most effective for your company.Ā 

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster makes it to the top of the list due to its popularity, functionality, and reasonable price point. Claimed to be the email capture tool anyone can use, OptinMonster offers a range of user-friendly development, targeting, and testing features.

OptinMonster uses pop-ups and slide-ins on your website to convert and monetize website traffic via email collection. Here are the key features that you get when you use OptinMonster:

  • Customizable templates that are proven to increase conversions
  • Create-from-scratch template options for those skilled in HTML
  • Personalization and behavior automation tools to segment pop-ups
  • A/B testing to determine your most effective formĀ 
  • Competitive pricing structure to meet the needs of small and large companies

For more on the importance of A/B testing:

2. AdRoll

AdRoll offers a robust email capture tool that enables you to find potential customers, grow your email list, and increase revenue. AdRollā€™s easy-to-use capture tools provide everything you need to start increasing your subscriber base. With its email marketing and advertising solutions, AdRoll helps you manage the process from capturing emails to engaging with your customers through emails and retargeting ads without the need to juggle across multiple platforms.Ā Ā 

Here are email capture features that AdRoll offers to marketers:

  • A variety of customizable email capture options to fit your brandĀ 
  • Ability to create multiple custom forms to use throughout your websiteĀ 
  • Personalization features and customizable fieldsĀ 
  • Targeting and timing options to ensure your website visitors are shown the banner at the optimal timeĀ 
  • Automation features that build segmented email lists for you
  • Competitive pricing for companies of all sizesĀ 

3. Sumo

Sumo highlights its simple, easy-to-use format to capture the attention of companies looking to boost their email capture capabilities quickly and easily. With a free, basic plan available, Sumo enables you to start gathering emails right away.Ā 

Sumo uses list-builders, welcome mats, share buttons, and smart bars to offer companies a variety of ways to capture email addresses on their website. Here are some specific vital features that you get when you use Sumo:

  • Multiple customizable lead forms and styles to convert your audienceĀ 
  • Ready-to-use templates without any coding needed
  • Works on any website, with plugins available for WordPress, Shopify, and Google Tag Manager
  • A free basic plan, with upgrades available with their ā€œProā€ packageĀ 

4. SleeknoteĀ 

Sleeknote is a pop-up builder email capture tool designed to help you create pop-up website banners that stand out among the rest and increase the rate of email capturing. Tailored to the ā€œbusy marketer,ā€ Sleeknote provides a streamlined process for building, testing, and optimizing your pop-up banners.Ā 

Sleeknote offers fully customizable pop-up templates that are easy to use and tailor to your brand. Here are some of the advanced features that make Sleeknote, just like their pop-ups, stand out among the rest:

  • Drag and drop editor for simplicity and fast lanchesĀ 
  • A mobile editing feature to ensure your pop-up is optimized for mobile browsingĀ 
  • Advanced targeting capabilities, such as page-level, cookie settings, referral source, and location
  • Personalization functionality, such as product suggestions highlighted on a pop-upĀ 
  • Exit-intent trigger to target visitors before they exit your siteĀ 
  • 7-day free trial, with advanced settings available through more costly packages

For more on the effectiveness of pop-up ads:

5. Bloom

Bloom is an email capture tool for WordPress with the option to create an unlimited number of forms for a variety of website pages. Known for helping companies create attractive pop-up banners with its vast customization capabilities, Bloom seamlessly integrates with many email platform services and offers multiple email capture options.Ā 

Bloom offers six different display options to choose from to enable you to test and target your audience most effectively. Along with this versatility, here are additional features you get with Bloom:

  • Easy-to-use, customizable drag and drop builder for fast creation and capturingĀ 
  • Offers pop-ups, fly-ins, in-line forms, below-content forms, widget-area forms, and required opt-in forms
  • Tigger and timing features to capture emails at different points in a visitorā€™s journey
  • In-depth targeting options for specific posts or website categories
  • A/B testing to determine your most effective formĀ 
  • Pricing packages available that include 24/7 support from the Bloom team

Start Capturing Valuable Emails Today

Email capture tools not only enable you to grow your email list and increase sales, but they provide a solid foundation for you to increase brand awareness further and build relationships.Ā 

With visitors likely coming to your website right now, there is no time to waste. Choose the ideal email capture tool for your business, customize pop-ups to your brand, and start capturing emails today!

Find out how to quickly and effectively build your email capture with AdRoll and get started with our Marketing & Ads Plus plan now.Ā 

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