Find your audience, and keep them coming back

AdRoll’s audience targeting and retargeting software keep your customers engaged and find more like them.

Sophisticated audience targeting and insights all along the customer journey

Appeal to your best audiences

Customers respond best to highly personalized campaigns. This could be as simple as serving people with different interests different messages or retargeting people who put items in their cart yet don’t complete their purchase. Either way, AdRoll offers options to help you target exactly who you’re looking for.

Keep customers coming back

Whether a customer has purchased from you in the past, joined your email list or visited your site, AdRoll offers targeting options to help you convert your customers and increase lifetime value.

Find your brand’s next biggest fans

Take what you know about your customers and find more like them with demographic and affinity targeting. Add contextual targeting to show up in spaces that resonate with your audience. Then, layer on our lookalike targeting to let our AI find people like the ones who are already engaging with you.

Our targeting options include:

Contextual Targeting

Showcase your brand with content you want to be associated with. Choose from categories that are relevant to your industry or target market.

Demographic Targeting

Identify what your ideal customer looks like, and find more like them by targeting attributes like age, gender, net worth and more.

Interest Targeting

Get your brand in front of people who are interested in what you have. Identify what interests your ideal audience has, and choose from categories like sports, fashion, food and more to reach new people with interest targeting.

Lookalike Targeting

Let our AI do the work of identifying people who look and act like the people who already engage with your brand. This option is best when used in conjunction with either or both of the other options, in related campaigns.


Stay top-of-mind by sharing targeted messages with people who have visited your website, abandoned a cart or completed an onsite action.

CRM Audiences

Take your email marketing to the next level by onboarding your email list to reengage old customers or share a promotion.