Retargeting on Twitter

Keep retargeting short and sweet: make your ROI climb 140 characters at a time by targeting Twitter Website Cards, Promoted Tweets, and Twitter Lead Gen Cards using Twitter’s tailored audiences. Re-engage customers across devices on one of the most active social platforms.

twitter retargeting

Social targeting

Reach your customers in their Twitter feed alongside their favorite tweeters—from movie stars to news outlets. You get attention when you’re seen rollin’ with the big birds.

Cross-device reach

76% of Twitter users sign in through their mobile device. Make your campaigns soar by engaging your customers with ads across every device they use to tweet. 

Twitter-certified ad partner

We’ll take you under our wing and set you up with Twitter’s trending technology. Get real-time audience data, reach expansion, and granular reporting.

How does retargeting on Twitter work?

twitter retargeting visit

1. Someone visits your website

lost website conversions

2. They leave without completing your desired action

retargeting on twitter

3. While on Twitter, they see and engage with your retargeted ads

twitter retargeting conversion

4. They click on the ad and return to your site to complete the transaction

twitter retargeting social

5. Users can retweet your Promoted Tweets and route more users to your site

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