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Cross-Channel Engagement

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Brand Awareness Ads

Use lookalike, demographic, interest, and contextual targeting to attract new visitors.

Retargeting Ads

Deliver personalized content to people who have previously visited your site.

Web, Facebook, & Instagram Inventory

Expand where your ads appear online, from one platform, through AdRoll’s partnerships with hundreds of publishers, networks, and exchanges.

Dynamic Product, Static, & Video Ads

Take advantage of a variety of ad formats to tell your brand story through images, video, and dynamic content.


Emails Send / Month

Send up to a certain amount of emails each month, included with your plan.



Email Capture

Create customized email capture forms for your site, and trigger form display by URL, visitor segment, and visitor activity (exit intent, scroll, or time on page).

Drag and Drop Builder & Template Upload

Build emails faster with an easy drag and drop builder that lets you customize emails with your own images, logos, colors, drop-in dynamic content, and HTML.

Template Library

Choose from a pre-built library of hundreds of professionally designed email templates, each customizable to your brand.

Triggered Email Sends

Trigger email sends based on predetermined customer actions (eg "Send this email one hour after cart abandonment), based on built-in triggers or your own.

Unsubscribe Sync

Automatically sync unsubscribed emails from AdRoll to your ESP and from your ESP to AdRoll to ensure everyone to whom you are sending email wants to hear from you.

On-Demand Email Sends

Send scheduled, one-time emails, sometimes called broadcasts, that aren’t part of triggered email sequences, for newsletters, promotions, announcements, and more.

Remove "Powered by AdRoll" Branding

Make emails completely your own, by removing Powered by AdRoll from your email footers.

Product Recommendations

AI-Driven Product Recommendation Carousel

Surface relevant products, based on visitor behavior on your website and across the web.

Remove "Powered by AdRoll" Branding

Make product recommendation carousels completely your own, by removing Powered by AdRoll.

Platform Features


Audience Insights

Get demographic, technology, and cross-device insights about your audiences.

Website Funnel Insights

Metrics that live on your homepage to show you at-a-glance how visitors are progressing through your online store, from first visit through repeat purchase.

Performance Benchmarks

Gain access to median metrics (CPC, CTR, CPM, CPA) AdRoll sees across tens of thousands of brands.


List Upload & Management

Upload and view CSV lists of contacts.

Basic Audiences

Begin basic segmentation by targeting people who have visited your website, viewed specific products, made a purchase, or similar.

Advanced & Custom Audiences

Take your segmentation to the next level, with advanced and custom audiences, including external data (eg CRM), CSS selector, impressions, and composite audiences.


Shopify & Other Ecommerce Partners

Connect your ecommerce store without any developer or creative resources, then access our product recommendation engine for high-performing, personalized dynamic ad, email, and online store content.

CMS and Website Integrations

Connect your online store to a new or existing AdRoll account and start running campaigns without any developer or creative resources.

ESP & Marketing Automation

Automatically sync unsubscribed emails from our system to your ESP and from your ESP to our system, activate emails you’ve collected, and use our templates and technology to send emails through your own ESP.


CRM data onboarding builds audiences based your existing email lists and enables you to reach the same audience with display ads that you reach with your email campaigns.

Reporting Partners Integrations

Multiple integrations to help you with cross-channel reporting, including Attributionapp, NinjaCat, Datorama, ReportGarden,, and TapClicks.

Reporting Data API

Generate your own reports with data on segments, deliveries, and more.

Measurement & Attribution

Campaign Measurement

Campaign Performance Reporting

View granular performance reports for your AdRoll email and ad campaigns, as well as product recommendations in your online store.

Campaign Conversion Pathing

See how your AdRoll campaigns are working together to influence conversion.

Campaign Attribution Modeling

Understand how AdRoll email, ads, and product recommendations influence your customer journey.

Cross-Channel Attribution

Channel Contribution Analysis

View attributed conversions, influenced conversions, and revenue for your UTM tagged campaigns.

Multi-Channel Conversion Pathing

Using UTM tracking, see how your channels are working together to influence conversion.

Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling

Connect AdRoll to your external marketing data to understand how your full marketing mix influences your customer journey.


Knowledge Base

Get immediate answers and tips 24/7 by exploring AdRoll’s extensive knowledge base.


Ask questions and get help directly from our Growth Marketing Platform through our chat.


Submit questions and report issues via email.

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Experience best-in-class performance from a pioneer in display ads. We price ads dynamically based on CPM, so costs reflect the true value of the inventory we buy for you. Ad spend is billed separately from subscription plans.

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A rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

AdRoll is an excellent platform to accelerate growth. It's enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of our customers, improving outcomes and ultimately build even greater brand loyalty. We are blessed to have an incredibly proactive account manager and the whole team behind the platform provide outstanding support, helping us to achieve our business goals. Having worked with other solutions, this is our preferred partner of choice

Arnhem Clothing

A rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We switched to AdRoll from another retargeting platform approximately 4 years ago. Our ROI, sales revenue and customer base grew exponentially once we completed the move. AdRoll offers a wide variety of products for both retargeting and prospecting as well as an account manager who works as a strategist. AdRoll is not just a growth platform but it is also a community. They offer webinars and focus groups on various topics and they team is always willing to assist with any pain point.

Melissa C.

A rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

AdRoll is a must for ecommerce at scale, remarketing through their robust suite of media and content publications is great and their support is always on point! Using their dynamic ad creative for Shopify Campaigns is definitely a favorite for our marketing team.