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Get inside the heads of your highest potential audiences

Unify everything you know about your customers—including browsing behavior, previous purchases, preferences, and more—with everything we know about the universe of shoppers, from our rich data pool of 1.2 billion digital profiles. Tap into this intent data, and use demographic, interest, contextual, and lookalike targeting to find potential customers who look and act like your favorite customers.

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Run awesome campaigns by connecting with dozens of platforms you love

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Build better cross-channel engagement

Make every moment matter, with AI-driven content, wherever they are in the customer journey. AdRoll’s AI creates personalized experiences across social, the web, email, and your online store to create connected, compelling experiences.

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Join over 37,000 businesses driving incremental sales with AdRoll.

Accelerate growth with advanced measurement and attribution

Use a unified view of all your marketing activities to guide what you do next. Multi attribution gives you key insights into how customers interact across channels and devices throughout the customer journey—and what’s influencing them to buy.

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"I needed a platform that covered more than one channel. AdRoll helped me with not just display ads, but also social and email. It was really easy for me to show a return on investment, even as a one-man marketing department."

Ari Steinarsson, Online Marketing Specialist, Reykjavik Excursions