Audience targeting platform for finding your audience and getting them to buy, again and again

When 98% of shoppers don’t make it to purchase, the odds are stacked against you. AdRoll’s audience targeting and retargeting software keeps your customers engaged, gets them buying, and helps you find more customers like them.

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Target customers on every step of their journey from casual shoppers to loyal buyers

Target the perfect customer

Filter shoppers by interest or retarget shoppers with items in their cart who didn’t complete their purchase. AdRoll’s audience targeting offers options to target customers by URLs, a fixed page, an event, number of pages viewed, number of impressions served, or a CRM list.

Keep customers coming back

Whether a customer has purchased from you in the past, joined your email list, or visited your site, AdRoll’s audience targeting gets customers back to your site, converts those visits to purchases, and increases customer lifetime value.

Find your brand’s next biggest fans

Our AI uses lookalike targeting to find more people who will act like those who already engage with you or have similar interests with demographic and affinity targeting.

“With AdRoll’s Brand Awareness solution, I'm able to bring new visitors to my site and expose my brand to a much bigger audience. Beyond that, AdRoll’s targeting capabilities ensure that we’re driving high-quality traffic, which has significantly increased engagement on”

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AdRoll's advanced audience targeting options include:

Contextual Targeting

Showcase your brand alongside content that you want your brand associated with. Choose from categories that are relevant to your industry or target market.

Demographic Targeting

Identify what your ideal customer looks like, and find more like them by targeting attributes like education, net worth, and more.

Interest Targeting

Get your brand in front of people who will love your brand and products. Identify what interests your ideal audience has and choose from categories like sports, fashion, food, and more, to reach new people.

Lookalike Targeting

Let our AI do the work of identifying buyers who act like shoppers who already engage with your brand. AdRoll’s lookalike targeting really shines when used in tandem with our other audience targeting options in related campaigns.


Stay top-of-mind by retargeting people who have visited your website, abandoned a cart, or completed an action on your website with relevant messages.

CRM Audiences

Take your email marketing to the next level, by bringing your email contacts into AdRoll’s marketing and advertising platform to re-engage past customers or share a promotion.

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