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Get early access to new features, try products before anyone else, and join the community of expert marketers shaping the future of marketing and advertising technology.

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What is the AdRoll Beta Program

As a member of the AdRoll Beta Program, you’ll help shape AdRoll by test driving pre-release features and telling us what you think. The AdRoll Beta Program is your opportunity to experience new things, before they’re publicly available, and weigh in on how we can make them better to help you crush your goals.

We’ll keep you posted on an ongoing basis, when new Betas open, and provide you everything you’ll need to know to participate. As a participant, please be honest and flexible. Beta products and features are still in active development, meaning your input directly informs what we’re building, and you may experience a few bumps along the way.

How to get started

The Beta Program is open to all AdRoll customers and getting started is easy! Get involved when you complete a sign up form.

What’s in it for you?

  • Influence the Roadmap

    Meet one-on-one with product designers and developers to receive personalized support and give direct product feedback

  • Get Early Access

    Test drive the newest release, and get a headstart on optimizing campaign performance before everyone else

  • Join Advisory Board

    Become a member of the Customer Advisory Board to connect with other ambitious marketers, and share insights that shape AdRoll’s future

What to expect after you join

Keep an eye out for Beta invites

After you sign up, we’ll send you notifications when new features and products are available, as well as tips on how to be an effective Beta participant.

Share your thoughts

Join AdRoll’s Beta Program

The Beta Program is open to all AdRoll customers, get involved simply by completing the sign up form.


Who can participate in the beta program?

The AdRoll Beta Program is open to everyone with a valid AdRoll account who accepts the Beta Agreement during the sign-up process. Enroll and get started with new Betas here.

Is the beta program confidential?

Yes, all beta features and products you access while you’re enrolled in the AdRoll Beta Program is confidential proprietary intellectual property. Do not publicly post information about the features you have early access to. This includes, though not limited to blog posts, taking screenshots, and sharing or writing posts on social media.

How often will I receive beta updates?

As soon as new beta products are ready for testing, we’ll send you a notification to the email address associated with your AdRoll account.

How do I provide my feedback to AdRoll?

We encourage you to share your impressions, feature requests, and the improvements you’d like to see. You can share your feedback directly with our product and development teams in a few different places.
  1. Scheduled Calls - one-on-one calls with the product team
  2. Product Surveys - during the program we will periodically send surveys to understand areas of improvement
  3. Beta Team Support - if you want to provide immediate feedback, you can always send an email to

How do I get help with AdRoll beta releases?

Our customer support team is standing by to help troubleshoot and resolve beta feature issues. Feel free to contact us at

How do I opt out of the beta community?

After you join the AdRoll Beta Program, you will automatically receive notifications as soon as new beta features become available. You can choose to opt out of the program at any time by emailing us at

Does it cost money to join as a beta tester?

The AdRoll Beta Program is free, there is no cost associated with joining the beta program.

How will beta testers know a product moves out of beta program?

As part of the AdRoll Beta Program you’ll automatically receive notification emails about upcoming commercially available product releases.