Declutter your data; increase your sales.

Get a clear picture of customer journey, and unlock opportunities to convert spend into revenue.

Optimize your customer journey, with advanced marketing attribution technology

On average, it takes about 56 touchpoints to make an online sale.

Take the guesswork out of digital marketing

Engage your most valuable shoppers, and make smarter decisions on your ad spend, with a clear view into how your marketing influences customer behavior. AdRoll Attribution assigns conversion credit to marketing channels that influence your customer journey, in real-time, so you can quickly scale what drives growth.

Learn how your cross-channel campaigns work together

AdRoll’s attribution dashboard shows you how low-intent shoppers become loyal customers. Gain a clear view of your customer journey with visualizations that show you which is the most profitable conversion path, the average time of conversion, and engagement per channel.

Optimize your customer journey

Get a complete understanding of how all of your campaigns are working together to drive revenue. With a cross-channel view you’ll find top conversion paths and other insights that will help you make faster budget adjustments.

Spot overall website conversion trends

Easily identify website trends—such as conversions by revenue, average order value (AOV), cost per acquisition (CPA), AdRoll assisted, and AdRoll attributed to understand how AdRoll influenced shoppers, compared with overall site performance.

Test, compare, and improve your attribution model

See how your attribution model holds up against others, without having to commit to a change. AdRoll gives you a safe space to explore how different attribution models define success and guides you through the process of switching.

“I love the fact that with whatever campaign, we can instantly see the results and understand what’s working. I can dig into the why, how to improve, and get instant gratification.”

Adam Lasky, Director of Marketing, TeePublic